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Friday, August 12, 2011

INFINIT Athlete Update, Olympian Rich Hortness

INFINIT Nutrition is proud to fuel swimmer Rich Hortness as he prepares to return to the Olympics in London 2012. Read how changes both in and out of the pool are paying off in blazing, fast speed.

So we just got back from Quebec Cup at the Olympic stadium in beautiful Montreal and things are looking up.

Since World Trials in Victoria, there have been some big changes that have taken place in and out of the pool. It took a couple of weeks to get a hold of and set up with the nutritionist that works with the Canadian Centre for Sport in Ontario but we finally got in touch and started a plan. Well after having a long talk with her we set out on the path that got me on track to lose some weight, and get back to the "shape" that I was in in 2008. Although I had lost weight and was at the lowest that I had been since I finished school in 2009 I was still not quite where we wanted me to be even though I have been eating better quality foods with better portions than I ever had before.

In 6 weeks on my new diet, I lost the last few pounds that I had wanted to lose as well as the few "recovery" pounds that I added in the 2 weeks after Trials. It worked out to 20 pounds over the six weeks and I am now holding steady at 185lbs. I also had a food allergy/intolerance test done and now know which foods I should be avoiding so that what I eat can be fully absorbed and not cause adverse reactions to my body.

As I said the pool has had some recent developments as well. I have completely revamped my stroke technique and am swimming with a "straight arm" recovery pattern. This stroke is not as pretty as the stroke that I built up since I started swimming, but it is modeled off of the stroke that has developed since the new suit rules have come into place and it seems to be the way that the fastest in the world are swimming.

Case in point, with the new stroke and the lighter body that is being pulled though the water, I had a great weekend in Quebec. I only swam finals in one event as our flights delayed our departure but I am happy to say that the times that I went this weekend are faster than the times that I posted in Victoria at the trials. I also did something that has rarely occurred in my swimming career which is swimming faster during the final then I did earlier in the day during the preliminary session.

So the end of the season is fast approaching (3 weeks) and Summer Nationals will be the last chance for me for this season to post a fast time. It is now time to relax and recover and get ready to go fast. Even with the "fast suits" gone after this weekend’s swim I think that personal best times are around the corner. I will keep you up to date with what is going on.

I will also be posting on YouTube and subsequently my website a video of my heats swim for everyone to see what "the new stroke" looks like. Feel free to check it out in the blog section of my site later this week.

Thank you always for the support and I hope to talk to you soon. Richard "Ability is what you are capable of. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."