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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ajay Kohli was the INFINIT Nutrition/7SYSTEMS DO MORE contest winner from 2010. Given a year's worth of nutrition and supplements, Ajay challenged himself in 2011 with focused training, coaching, and nutritional awareness. We were lucky enough to catch up with Ajay to find out how his year turned out.

Question: What are you up to today?
I am an NRG PT athlete working on being stronger on the bike, efficient in the water and faster on the run. With JJ Neely as my coach, I am currently in the best physical shape I have ever been. I am happy with my results of last season, and I am excited to work hard to reach new levels in my upcoming season.

Question: How do you feel about your year of racing and training in 2011?
I am really proud of how far I have come. I have spent this season educating myself on the relation between exercise and nutrition. This lifestyle change has allowed me to maintain a high level of physical fitness. I feel stronger as an athlete and was able to make the transition to 70.3 distance triathlons this season. I am proud of my accomplishments and grateful for all the support from my family and friends outside and within the triathlon community.

Question: What are some of this year's accomplishments?
My focus this season has been training and completing longer distance races. I have had a great season and I have accomplished great achievements including a "PB" on the swim, bike and run at Revolution 3 Cedar Point 70.3 race this past September. My key focus was pacing and nutrition for this half iron distance triathlon. My consistent time in the pool, long rides, weekly runs, power training and countless kilometers with a combination of a diet, including 7SYSTEMS and INFINIT custom formula, have all been contributing factors to my success. All of my accomplishments could not be possible without the help of my coaches.

Question: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
In the next few years, I am striving to become stronger in all 3 disciplines and a well-rounded athlete. My future aim is to qualify for worlds 70.3 and consider working towards the 140.6 distance while remaining just as passionate about triathlons as the day I started this journey. I am also considering getting my coaching certificate down the road and share my knowledge, dedication, and drive with other athletes.

Question: What are your goals for 2012?

My goals for 2012 are to be healthy and to maintain my current level of fitness with proper nutrition and exercise. My race-day nutrition and recovery will also be a focus this upcoming season. I plan to work on my bike strength, swim stroke and continuing to run to become faster! I tentatively will be competing in the following races next year: Rev 3 Quassy Half Distance (June 2012), Kingston Long Course (July 2012), Coburg Olympic (August 2012), Rev 3 Cedar Point Half Iron Distance (Sept 2012) and Ironman Miami (November 2012).

I am working towards completing sub 5 hour for the half iron distance races and to PB in all 3 disciplines.

Thanks, Ajay. Congratulations on a superb 2011. With big goals attained in 2011 and even bigger goals on the horizon for 2012 and beyond, give Ajay a high five if you see him out training or racing.