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Friday, July 12, 2013

Infinit Canada Announces Expansion

Ultra-Premium Custom Drink Manufacturer Announces New Staff, New Product Line

Infinit Nutrition Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Darcy Haggith to the full-time role of Chief Executive Officer of Infinit Canada, effective immediately. As a founding member of Infinit Nutrition Canada, Haggith had maintained a limited role as he continued to work as a senior level director for a pharmaceutical company in Windsor while working to build the current leadership team at Infinit Canada and helping to grow the brand's ultra-premium reputation among Canada's elite athlete and triathlon communities.

Haggith accumulated over 22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and led the manufacture of pastes, powders, tablets, sterile liquids and soft gelatin capsules, working within strict regulatory environments with full compliance with Health Canada and FDA guidelines. “I started my career in an industry that demands and expects the absolute highest standards of production. My increased role at Infinit Canada will be an easy shift in that regard, as we are certainly committed to the production of the highest quality sports drink available,” said Haggith.

In his new capacity, Haggith will help drive the company's overall business development, sales expansion for the new retailer-friendly, sport-specific GO! Pack line of products, and the company's custom program with trusted partners at the Canadian Sport Institute, professional hockey player Dougie Hamilton of the Boston Bruins, and the 2013 Infinit Canada Elite Women's Cycling team.

“No two sports and no two athletes are the same,” said Haggith. “Our new line of GO! Pack products will allow hockey players, elite swimmers, triathletes, and cyclists to fuel on their own terms, not on a sports drink developed in the 1970s for the American collegiate football market. For athletes and teams that want to go the extra mile, we'll also continue to offer both our Gold-Certified products and our full-custom approach.”

Haggith expects to begin sales outreach initiatives in the immediate future.

Interested retailers are invited to contact the corporate headquarters and production facility in Amherstburg.