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Friday, December 19, 2014

CrossFit Whistler - Latest Gym Fuelling on Infinit!!!

Infinit is still a new player with respect to nutrition for CrossFit and with all the choices out there I understand the scepticism when we make initial contact with a club, would imagine box owners are inundated with companies that think they are the right fit for a club.  When we are actually able to have a conversation with an owner or coach on what they want from a nutrition program and what we offer the, conversation goes really well.  That is exactly how things went when Jordan Glasser and I first talked.  Jordan is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and owner of CrossFit Whistler.

From the onset of our first call, I learned immediately that Jordan was very knowledgable about nutrition and most importantly how nutrition can really support the CrossFit athlete.  Many of the products on the market only stress the need for protein, we have almost apologized for it, when we tell people there are carbs in our X-Cite and Rescue blends.  When I told him that we have a 2:1 Carb to Protein blend and that we believe carbohydrates are a necessary requirement in supporting full recovery, he was completely aligned.
Jordan states: “I am part of the Crossfit community because they have defined fitness, challenged it and continue to mold the program that I teach today. Oh, and it produces far and away the best fitness results on the planet!”  Jordan came to CrossFit after being competitive in other sports and going through re-hab a couple of times post-injury.  He has coined a phrase that makes a lot of sense "Pre-Hab", CrossFit puts you in this state one that makes you strong and healthy so injury is prevented.  This is a neat perspective.

We are very excited to have CrossFit Whistler on board as the list of boxes fuelling on Infinit grows.  Having someone with Jordan's knowledge and passion about the sport chose our Strength Program is a big deal to us!

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Whistler - check Jordan and the Team out, they have a great thing going.

Welcome aboard!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Happy Holidays From Infinit!

Incredible that we are near the end of another year.  The end of the year is a chance to reflect, celebrate accomplishments and set goals for next year.  For me personally it has been a great year, I am grateful for the continued growth of Infinit, my friends/family and personal accomplishments made in Mtn Biking and my introduction to CrossFit.  Fitter and stronger than I have been in years I come into 2015 ready to take Infinit to another level.

I am grateful for all of the partners and customers we have.  I hope you enjoy the holiday season and look forward to supporting your goals in 2015. Be safe and Happy Holidays!!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Wild Bettys Mountain Bike Club - New Partner

Ok before we get going, did you know there is a Mountain Bike Dictionary?  I do now, well at least it is a glossary and in it you will find the term betty, which refers to any female mountain biker.  Check it out: Mountain Bike Dictionary.  Was introduced to Melinda Davie recently after partnering with Steve Neal and Andrew Randell of the  The Cycling Gym, she is one of the leads of the all women's club.

I was excited to talk with Melinda and about the prospects of being partnered with the Wild Bettys - a group of close to 100 riders made up of all ages and abilities.  I raced twice this past year, Albion Hills 24 hr race
and the Crank the Shield - at both I saw their presence.  They have a team of racers and a group that comes together weekly to have fun, challenge one another and to just get out there.  We are excited to get the feedback and exposure from the group as they progress in 2015 while fuelling on Infinit.

For each of the club members we are doing an individual nutritional consult, here we will work with each athlete and create a formulation that matches their body characteristics and riding style.  All members will receive discounts and the Race Team will receive a deeper discount.  At any event that the Bettys are racing you will see their tent, you will also get a chance to sample an Infinit blend.

I've been using infinit for a couple of years now and love the way I can customize it for my long training rides when I prepare for stage races. I am so excited to share with the Bettys! - Melinda Davie.

We are really looking forward to our new partnership with the Wild Bettys, believe it will be mutually beneficial for sure.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Thursday, November 27, 2014

We Make Nutrition Coaching Easy for The Discomfort Zone!!!

Infinit Nutrition Canada started at the end of 2006, that is exactly when Mike Coughlin started using Infinit.  Mike owner and coach of 
Discomfort Zone Performance Coaching along with associate coach Mike Mahoney decided that Infinit would bring a ton of value to their athletes and ultimately their business.  

We asked Mike Mahoney to provide us with his perspective on nutrition and Infinit.  Here is what Mike provided:

Nutrition Coaching

When you meet someone for the first time, there's usually a pattern to the conversation.  If you're  chatting for more than a few minutes, that usually means a question about their profession.  And if you find that profession interesting, usually a few more questions follow.  People must find triathlon interesting, because as soon as people find out that I coach, there's almost always a series of questions.  Maybe some people are just being polite, but most seem genuinely interested and I'd like to provide some useful information, even if there's limited time.

Surprisingly, some of the questions coaches are asked most often aren't strictly about coaching at all: they're about nutrition.  And those questions present a problem.  Ask me about periodization or motivation or how to train for a particular race and I'll talk your ear off, complete with examples.  But nutrition questions are a different story.

Perhaps it shouldn't be so surprising that people ask about sports nutrition.  Good general nutrition is important for everyone, all the time, and especially for endurance athletes.  And as soon as an athlete gets serious, whether it be triathlon or another endurance sport, good nutrition gets even more important.  Specifically, sports nutrition.  Nutrition is a big field with a lot to know, and there's new information all the time.  And endurance athletes are readers, especially triathletes.  Generally on the internet.  There are tonnes of nutrition information out there, and a lot of it's suspect, which means athletes can have difficulty telling the good from the bad.  So what to they do?  They ask an 'expert' they're having a casual conversation with.

Me.  God help them.

Okay, I'm exaggerating.  As an athlete and a coach I follow the new developments and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some pretty strong opinions about sports nutrition.  But some of that knowledge is pretty involved for a casual conversation.  A lot of good nutrition is about matching the nutrition to the athlete to the training, which gets pretty specific.  What works for me might not work for you.  So what do I tell people about nutrition, in a nice digestible sound bite, but still try to give them something useful?

I've asked a number of experienced coaches what they do in that situation.  Some simply don't give nutrition advice.  Others offered good solid rules of thumb they've developed over the years.  Here are a few of the things I offer:

1.    Basics, basics, basics!

Start by eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle.   Most athletes have already ditched the junk and eat a reasonably healthy diet of veggies, fruits, and meats that you can identify when you buy them.  If you haven't, start with that before deconstructing a micronutrient profile.  Start buying vegetables first, once you've done that, worry about organic and antioxidants and pesticides.  If you smoke, quit!  Now!

Yes, I know every athlete's heard all that before.   Are you doing all you could do?  Writing this, I can tell you I'm not.  We can all improve.  I always start with that advice and to date, it's never simply been accepted.  I get responses like "I'd have to give up..."  I have a theory that there are no real secrets in a connected world; only solid knowledge people don't accept because it's not marketed as a big secret.  Well, call it a big secret, then.

2.    Is there enough training for this to matter?

Some people expend huge amounts of time arguing the fine points of different products and different nutrition claims, some of them pretty wild.  And they spend serious money on some pretty dubious stuff.  I'm often asked to express an opinion on one product versus another.  I always reply by asking how much the athlete is training?  Wouldn't it be better to cut the number of out-there, miracle products they bought, used the savings to take an afternoon off, and went for an open-water swim or a steady bike with some solid intervals?

3.    You worked it out of me.

Inevitably, I'm pressed to reveal what products I use.  I say spinach, and always get a laugh.  We covered that in point one.  The fact is that everyone needs to fuel and athletes want to know what's good.  Contrary to some of the goofier information on the internet, there absolutely is a place for highly processed sugars and proteins in your diet, and that place is in your aero bottle on a training ride or an IRONMAN bike.  Yes, I've tried a lot of sports nutrition products, and yes, as you've probably guessed I use INFINIT, but probably not for the reasons you're thinking.
I fuel with INFINIT because it's specific to me as an athlete and specific to the training and racing I'm doing.  How hard I train, how much I sweat, how far I'm going.  Off-the-shelf just doesn't cut it.

If the person asking me questions is still around, they're probably an athlete and have been listening long enough that they're not just being polite.  I finish with one last sound bite of advice.

4.    Get the consult.

INFINIT is serious enough nutrition that you want somebody who knows what they're doing setting the sliders.  Start with the online questionnaire, but if you're investing a lot of training time and energy in a big goal race, get the nutrition consult.  When I'm doing something new I get a consult and end up getting some knowledge I didn't know before along with my bag of fuel.  When my athletes get their consults I ask what they learned and I'm always impressed.  And it doesn't hurt that one consult resulted in the minor improvement to my racing that I don't throw up anymore.

All right!  That's what you'll get if you ask me about nutrition.  Hope it helps!


Before his first Marine Corps Marathon, Mike Mahoney’s idea of running was something a sergeant forced you to do in a rucksack and boots. Triathlon just kind of happened from there. His proudest moment is being talked into a 50k at 9pm the night before. Mike is an Associate Coach with Discomfort Zone Performance Coaching in Guelph, Ontario and is currently training towards IRONMAN Muskoka 2015.

Working with Mike and Mike has been great - we have provided fuel for camps and clinics which has allowed their athletes to feel the difference nutrition that is designed for a specific sport can have on performance.  All coached athletes receive full nutritional consults, moderate discounts and free shipping on group ship days.  All in all we have a symbiotic relationship.  We are appreciative of them and I know the same is true from their perspective.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

The Cycling Gym Choses to Fuel With Infinit!!!

We at Infinit are all about fuelling athletes that wish to perform at their best.  So when Steve Neal (already an Infinit customer) called to discuss fuelling "The Cycling Gym" with Infinit, we were eager to talk.  The Cycling Gym is a one-stop training and fitness facility for cyclists and endurance athletes.  Cyclists can meet their endurance and strength training needs through a coherent, periodized training program.  Steve Neal and Andrew Randell, the developers of The Cycling Gym, believe that cyclists should be doing more than just riding their bikes.  To improve athletic performance and overall well-being they should also be doing strength & conditioning training, stretching, and mobility work year round.
In addition to improving their approach to training athletes should also be practicing proper nutritional habits.  Through their own experiences Steve and Andrew understand the importance of nutrition, particularly the challenge of getting in enough calories during exercise.  In order to drive improved performance they feel that proper workout nutrition (pre, during, and post) is required, supporting growth and recovery as it promotes a reduction in the cumulative stress the body experiences throughout a training season.  The Cycling Gym wanted to partner with a nutrition company to give their clients access to proper workout nutrition and its associated benefits.

Andrew states: "Infinit Nutrition is a great fit.  With great pre-blends and the ability to customize at the athlete level, The Cycling Gym will be able to offer a variety of options to meet our clients’ needs.  Infinit Nutrition’s osmolality index and high calorie drink formulas will help us fill a gap in the nutrition market in Toronto".

The Cycling Gym will be an Infinit Nutrition Anchor Store where we can help ensure athletes have access to the nutritional products they need to thrive.

We are thrilled to have The Cycling Gym as a partner.  They do not have a one size fits all solution to getting an athlete to their ultimate solution, exactly how we feel about nutrition.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Julie Kelly and The Forward Momentum Coaching Crew Do It Again!!!

Just got a race report from the last solo event of the season for Julie Kelly - crazy 24hr Mountain
Bike racer from Alberta.  We have been fuelling Julie for a while now and are partnered with Forward Momentum Coaching lead by Shaun Taylor.  Wherever this group goes and rides all you need to do is look at the podium, they are usually there.  Have gotten to know a few of them over the years - Julie, Dave, Ryan and Shaun - all great big engines and crazy work ethics.  Thing is they play as hard as the train, where there really isn't any line of distinction, really admire this bunch.

Click here to read Julie's blog post from 25 Hours in Frog Hollow (Utah): Julie Kelly Race Report

Thanks for sharing the cap of an incredible season with us Julie - congrats and enjoy some downtime.

Forward Momentum Coaching Link: Shaun Taylor  If you are looking to take your racing and fitness to another level - check him out, one of the best in Canada.

Little more than a coincidence that the group of riders that Shaun coaches dominates the podium of the 24 hr Mtn Bike circuit, some say there must be something in the water.  Actually that is true, it is Infinit.

Great Job this season!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Friday, November 7, 2014

Whatever You Dream - We Have the Fuel to Take You There!!

Been playing around with a new app I was introduced to, Flipagram.  Super easy to use, here is a few shots from some folks we fuel.  If your nutrition is not fully optimized - give us a shout.

Team Infinit - Flipagram

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

The Bruins Leaning on Dougie, While He Leans on Infinit

Still only 21, Dougie has been asked to fill a big role this year with the Bruins.  He is in his 3rd full season in the NHL after making his debut in the lockout shortened 48-Game season in 2012.  From the onset he earned the trust of Coach Julien and his Team-mates.  It is rare to see a 19/20 year old step into a steady role as a defencemen in the NHL, he did and looked very calm doing it.  Was great to see Dougie get involved in the playoffs as the Leafs and Bruins squared off in Round 1.  As a huge Leaf fan was really cool to travel to Boston with a great friend and Bruins Fan Kevin to see Game 2.  Leafs won the Game 4 - 2 much to my delight and a smattering of Leaf fans that made the trip.  Dougie ever gracious, had passes for us to sit in the Friends and Family seating area, then after the game we got to go down to a reception area where the players come and meet their Friends and Family. What a thrill for both Kevin and I to interact with the players and family.  What was so cool was Dougie was so thankful that we came to see him play, he said it was really cool knowing that someone is there to see him play.  Of course as a Leaf fan our hearts were ripped out when the unthinkable happened in Game 7.  With 10 minutes to go, they were up 4-1 and ended up losing it in OT, will never forget that.  If you want to relive it: Leafs' Hearts Broken!.

In the 2013/2014 Dougie started to be used more, with around 18 minutes a game.  Certainly a trusted defencemen, but Julien generally would lean on others when defence was a priority.  By the last third of the season this was starting to change as Dougie notably stepped up the physicality of his game.  At 6' 5" and 212 he has the goods and used his size and body position very well to end the season.  Got to see Dougie play in Detroit with my Son Mat, he had a big game, including a great goal right in front of us.  Again he took time out to meet us after the game, which was a thrill for Mati.

Fast forward to the present the Bruins are 15 games in and who would have known that Dougie would be logging more ice-time than any Bruin.  With key injuries in the defence ranks, including Chara he has been averaging 23 minutes per game this year.  Last five games he is over 25.  So far this season he has 3 goals and 7 assists and has a plus 3 rating.  These are great stats for any defencemen, let alone a 21 year old.  We are incredibly proud to be fuelling such a great hockey player.  Each step of the way in his career he has emerged as a go to player - great to see that he is a part of the success the Bruins are seeing early in 2014/15 season.

 If you would like to understand how Dougie fuels - check it out at
- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Friday, October 31, 2014

Need a Protein Boost? Healthy Mid-Morning Snack!

Thought I would post my go to mid-morning snack.  I am always looking to make sure I ingest enough protein in my diet - I recently started adding Raw Protein to my Overnight Oats.  I love it.

Here is the recipe:
1/4 Cup  Quick Oats
1/2 Cup Almond Milk
1/2 Medium Banana - Sliced
1/2 tsp Chia Seed (ground)
Pinch of Cinnamon
15 g of Raw Protein
1 tsp of Maple Syrup (or to palate)

Make night before - Add Almond Milk, Quick Oats and Raw - shake well.  Add rest of the ingredients and mix.  Put in fridge overnight - ready next day, when you are.

229 calories, less than 5 g of fat, 28 g of carbs and 20 g of protein.  Killer snack.  Taste great.

Mix in small mason jar.

Hope you enjoy - if you have a recipe that you have incorporated Raw Protein, send us the details and we will share.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Two More CrossFit Clubs on Board!!!

We are thrilled with the response we are getting from the CrossFit community.  We met with our first CrossFit athletes less than a year ago.  We learned from them what is important in their fuelling strategies, we shared the experience we have in fuelling the best athletes in Canada and then together we came up with our system.

7 min - Burpees for Boobies
We always say that sports nutrition is not rocket science, but it is science.  Having a basic understanding of the science and the tools to use can make all the difference in your performance, how you feel during and how you feel the next day.  I had the opportunity to talk to CrossFit All Levels last Saturday at their 1 Year Anniversary (Congrats!), what a great group.  Happy to report that CrossFit All Levels is on board and we are already seeing some good sales - will be dropping more product off today.  Thanks John for taking the opportunity to learn about our approach to nutrition.

RJCF at Spartan Race
Another club that is on board is Rock Jungle CrossFit from Edmonton.  Dan and I talked a bit ago and he was happy to hear the approach we were taking, carbs timed right makes sense, no sweeteners, only stuff in there that has nutritional value.  Next step with Dan was to try the product, has to taste good for athletes to take it, that is a reality you have to deal with,. We have worked really hard to offer products that only have ingredients that have nutritional purpose and taste good as well.  Dan is taking his first shipment next week.

Can't wait to get the feedback from the two new clubs on board.  We are cool with any feedback - we heard from Dave Kitchen for CFNV that for the Rescue blend he needed 15 more grams of carbs per serving for the larger male population.  No problem that is what he gets.

If anyone out there wants to learn more about our approach feel free to contact us.  If we can help great, if not, that's cool too.  There is no one solution to sports nutrition, but we can cover the bases with our Custom approach.

Welcome CrossFit All Levels and Rock Jungle CrossFit!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fuel For Those Who Know Better....Like Emily Abbott, CrossFit Games Participant

Last spring I traveled to the Canada West Regionals with the Badass WOD Wear Team to capture an understanding for the enormity of CrossFit. I witnessed for the first time the top competitors from the Canada West territories compete against one another to see who would earn the right to participate on the world stage, The CrossFit Games.  While there I met incredible athletes and one surprisingly had local ties to Windsor. Emily Abbott, a Windsor Lancer alumni who played basketball and trained with Bobby Tran, now the owner of CrossFit WHL and developed her love for CrossFit at Windsor CrossFit, were she worked out with Manda from Badass - universe attractions .... I speak of them often !

We all ran into each other at dinner on Saturday, the night before the last day of competitions.

Emily was noticeably humble, yet very excited and calm even though she was well positioned going into the last day of competition sitting 3rd over all on the leaderboard.  Not getting ahead of herself she was very focused on what she needed to do.  Emily had an amazing Sunday and not only got on the podium, she finished first and was on her way to Carson California for The Reebok CrossFit Games.  The energy in the Olympic Oval was off the hook and being there to see a local athlete capture it all was icing on the cake !

We spoke with Emily after the event weekend, she had her eye on the prize and started her training program day two after arriving back home. After much discussion we asked Emily what she needed to compete well on the world stage. Emily needed work on her " limiter ", strength.  So we put together a nutrition strategy that would not only handle the load as she prep for the games, but keeping her healthy and fresh during the gruelling competition weekend at the main event.

At her first games, Emily did great! A smaller fish in this big pond, she stayed middle of the pack most of the weekend and even WON an event, The Sled Push, showing off her strength, her engine and incredible will.

So with a bit of time behind her and the experience of fuelling on Infinit for 6 months, what is Em saying:

"The CrossFit world is inundated with pre and post WOD supplements all claiming to increase PR's and crush Fran times.  As a CrossFitter, I find it extremely challenging to find what works with my body- a product that is simple and efficient.  Through Badass WOD Wear I was lucky enough to be introduced to Darcy Haggith of Infinit Nutrition.  His customized blends for pre and post workouts got me through long hours of training before the CrossFit Games and took the guess work out of what my body needed for optimal performance.  I especially love the Raw protein which I add to my smoothies, my yogurt and pancakes.  It's awesome!  I love straight forward products with out the excess fluff that many supplements contain. Infinit Nutrition is my go to!"

We are proud to be fuelling Emily Abbott as she continues to improve.  If you are looking to reach your true potential give us a shout.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Matt Gervais - Mini Race Report Kona

Matt has yet to complete his race report - but thought this with some awesome pictures would give you a taste of what the day was like.

Matt's perspective:

Insane day!  I'll do up a report, but definitely not the day I had planned.  I have zero complaints though.  Not sure how conditions compare to other years, but definitely the most brutal wind and heat I've ever raced in!  Swim kicked my ass, bike was just brutally hard, plus a power meter that slowly died by showing low numbers, then going dead at 100km, a 4 minute drafting penalty (I would never argue, but I certainly was NOT drafting.  They did a great job out there), and a great run...for a while.  Major cramps hit me hard at about 17 miles and only got worse to about 21miles.  I was somehow able to get it together for the final 5 without having to stop and stretch them out.  Crazy thing about this race though, there were probably 100 times in the final 3 miles that I wanted to stop (but didn't), but then the last 1/2 mile down Alii Drive it was impossible to slow down.  The energy there is just something that you just can't put into words.
Thanks to everyone for following along, for the well wishes and the kind words. If you really want to talk inspiring though, the midnight finishers and the crowds there were just something else. Thanks again!

Matt finished in 10:09:47, not his best time, but probably considered his best overall effort though.  The winds were the worst in 15 years, stack on the heat and swim currents (wrong way), it was brutal and awesome all at the same time.

Congratulations Matt - we are really proud of you!

Enjoy your off-season, you have earned it!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Rich Pady - Kona Race Report

Hawaii 2014 Recap.

As many of you know this trip to Kona has been in the works since my crash in 2010.  I laid out a 4 years plan to rebuild my fitness.  I arrived in Kona a week before the race in the best shape of my life.  I knew I had prepared well with coach Blake and that fitness would not be an issue come race day.  Adapting to the heat was a whole other story.  My body likes to sweat....a lot.  We tried really hard to get my body to adapt in training and I think it made a difference but in the end it was my biggest limiter on the day.

Race Day
In the swim I thought I was going well after a good start.  I was in a good group of 10 swimmers and I felt the pace was ok.  I was shocked when I exited the swim in an 1hr flat (thought it would be faster).  Now, exiting the water in an 1hr is kind of like driving on the 401 in rush hour.  I tried to pick my way through the bikers - it was the longest pace line I'd ever seen.  I got out to the left and just had to keep passing guys so I wouldn't get called for drafting.  Once up on the Queen K highway things settled a little and I found my rhythm.

There was no real wind until about 40k into the bike and then it was full on for the next 60k and I loved it!  After racing at Barrelman three weeks ago I was well trained in racing in the wind and it was the same yesterday.  The climb to Hawi was 7 miles full on into 30 mile/hr headwinds.  I was holding to my game plan and my legs felt great.  I caught Tony Frost at the turn in Hawi as he rocked the swim (credit to Rich's extra #‎nineteenspeedsuit).  The way back from Hawi was so much fun we now rocked down the hill and into the cross winds and I was flying.  I love this section of the course.  It was now pushing noon and it was really getting hot.  Heather said it hit 97 degrees out where you hop back on the Queen K Hwy to come home (this doesn't include the humidity).  I was taking in 2 water bottles at every aid station trying to cool myself down.  My HR was 25 bpm higher for the same effort all day.  I was started to get worried I was pushing the internal system too much but I kept saying to myself I felt good.  At 140k to 150k I had the most fun of the day.  20-30mi/hr tail wind on a flat section of road and I was going 65-68km/h pushing 230w.  Then at 150k the wind just did a full and I mean 180 degree turn and we had head wind for the final 30k.  I was still feeling good and had fun passing lots of guys who had over done it trying to hold onto the packs.  I finished the bike strong and pulled into T2 at just over 6 hour into the race.

Nutrition on the bike
5 bottles of Infinit Nutrition
6 bottles of water (that I drank)
1 bottle of coke at the 160k mark (nice treat)
4 salt pills
4 gels
(did not pee all day)

To the run. I started off well but HR was pushing WAY too high.  I was running 7min/mi and my HR was 155-160.  At home I do my interval training at this HR and can run 5:50-6:00/mi pace.  It was all about cooling the core down at every aid station I did the same thing.  I was stuffing 2 sponges down my top, then two cups of ice down the top, ice water on my shirt and arm coolers.  I would take in water and some form of sugar whether it be gel, perform, coke, or even Red bull.  I changed it up each mile.  I would come out of the aid station feeling awesome and within 1000m be looking for the yellow shirts of the aid station volunteers.  By the time I reached the aid station I was overheating again and so I would repeat.  The cloud cover on the back half of the marathon was a nice treat.  My legs felt ok and my energy was ok.  I was just stuck in a slow and steady pace.  The final miles of the marathon were great.  The stress of "can I make it" is gone and I had energy to push the last few hills.  The finish line in Kona is always special and I crossed it with a new best time for here in Kona.

I have to thank Heather and the kids for their massive support and to the Ayranto family for coming all the way to Hawaii to cheer me on.  As well to all my clients, friends and family back home to sent such awesome messages thank you.  And to my sponsors Nineteen WetsuitsDarcy Haggith at Infinit Nutrition, and to Heath/ La Bicicletta.

The future is wide open.  I have said this is the end of my Ironman racing.  I'm going to take on some new challenges of Xterra racing and look forward to hitting to trails soon.


Rich Pady

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Press Release: Infinit Nutrition Named Official Fuel Provider

(Windsor, ON) - The Windsor Spitfires are very pleased to announce the club has entered into a two-year agreement with Windsor-based, custom-blended nutrition provider, Infinit Nutrition Canada, through which three Infinit products have become the club's "Official Fuel". Infinit Nutrition Canada has been creating custom nutrition for individuals and specific sports since 2006.

The company was founded by Darcy Haggith, an Ironman triathlete, who started using Infinit as fuel in 2005. Haggith liked Infinit products so much, he secured exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and sell the product in Canada.


Infinit Nutrition Canada has been a partner of the Canadian Sport Institute since 2007 and also created a Custom Fuel Program for BC-based national level athletes that ensured products free of banned substances while tailoring each to the unique needs of athletes in a variety of sports, including: snowboarding, track & field, swimming, rowing and rugby.  Infinit's strong reputation for quality products, safely formulated to meet the exact needs of Spitfire players, was key to the partnership coming to life.

The Spitfires will enjoy Infinit’s Hockey Fuelling System, which consists of ICE, REPAIR and RAW; three products that will take care of our players during pregame and workouts, on-ice and immediately following games and practices.  "We're very happy to partner with Infinit Nutrition," Spitfires Athletic Therapist Joey Garland said.  "The quality of their products and reputation speak for themselves.  But what we really like is the attention Darcy and his staff pay to customizing their products to the specific and changing needs of our players."  "This is a whole new level that will undoubtedly benefit our on-ice performance.  Infinit's program gives me a platform to get exactly what I need for the players to excel."

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Following My Passion-Part 2

This is Part 2 of My Story, Following My Passion. If you missed Part 1, please check it out here. 

2013 was a real breaking point for me - I remember talking with Brenda on a 50th Birthday Trip to Vegas for my dear friend Tom: 'We should really consider taking the jump'.  The jump was to walk away from what was comfortable financially and immerse myself into the Infinit Nutrition Canada business - trying to drive the company to it's true potential.  The April 2013 trip was perfect timing - 4 days to talk about
what if and how.  We needed to plan for no real income for 6 months from yours truly and determine how we would attack the business.  By the end of the vacation, our minds were set. I love my wife Brenda for many reasons - one of them is her belief in me. She continues to be fully supportive.  So we decided we were going to burn the boats.  I approached my boss,  the President and said: 'we need to create and exit strategy'.  I explained why, and together we decided that July 5th, 2013 would be my last day in the old career.  It wasn't tough to leave my job, but it was tough to leave the people I loved and worked with daily.  I continue to miss them and obviously stay in close contact with many of them.  When I got come on July 5th, there were slippers, a beer and a great note waiting for me - thanks again to Brenda.

My Triangle and Burning Boats
I've never been happier and never regret the decision to take this plunge.  The easy path is not always the best path. It typically takes you where everyone else is or has been. Business is strong, and most
importantly I have re-established my life balance.  I have always carried this equilateral triangle in my mind.  At the top apex is my family. The lower left is my career, and lower right - me.  I must keep these in balance, like the triangle.  The goal is not to spend equal time on each, but spend the right amount of time on each to be in balance and to be great in all 3.  There had been many times over those last 5 years that I have not been in balance, but since I burned my boats, I have been.  Family life is great, Infinit is great and guess what? I am competing again - not where I was, but I'm getting there.  I just completed a huge mountain bike event and my fall marathon is around the corner.

Really grateful to be in here in this place.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Following My Passion-Part 1

This is Part 1 of My Story, Following My Passion. Stay tuned for Part 2! 

Just over a year ago, I left my comfy financial position to pursue my passion - being surrounded by
sport and helping people discover or thrive in a healthier lifestyle.  Back then, I was pretty comfortable - we really had more money than we needed but there was something missing - it was my life balance.  I was a director running the operations of a large pharmaceutical plant. I loved the people I worked with, but the job demands encroached seriously on my family life and my personal well-being.

I started with Accucaps back in 1999, and I was really out of shape.  Over a beer at a Christmas party in late 2000, I agreed to do a marathon with Colin Murray, a colleague at both Accucaps and Pfizer.  We followed a Hal Higdon plan and I ran my first at 3:45.  I was kinda hooked with this endurance thing.  Later in the summer I did my first tri in Windsor and then a half in Ottawa.  Along the way I signed up for my first Ironman in Lake Placid. After my 2002 race there, I was hooked on Ironman. Fast forward a few years to when I was training for my fifth Lake Placid race and I discovered Infinit.  At that time, I started buying from the States. I loved it so much that it lead to me buying the rights to the product in Canada in 2006.  Now I was seriously busy. So it just wasn't Accucaps that put me out of balance. It was tri, Infinit, and Accucaps. From 2006 until last year,  I had never been prepared for Ironman - all results were sub-optimal: I didn't put the miles in, and it's pretty hard to fake Ironman.

Infinit was a wonderful story, though. We continued to grow the business swiftly, despite my divided attention.  During the years of 2007 to 2013, I drifted away from competition - something that pained me, but between Accucaps, Infinit and being a good guy at home,  I had no more room.

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye out for Following My Passion-Part 2 in the upcoming weeks. 
- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Fuelling Great Performances - Kona

Wanted to take a few minutes to wish a few Infinit Customers all the best this week in Kona.  By now they should all be there, soaking in the experience.  We will report back in a couple weeks on how their races went, hopefully have some good pictures and even a few race reports to share.

Richard Pady - Coach/Owner of Healthy Results

Rich was my coach a few years back and got me to my Ironman PB, I am grateful for that.  Rich has
been to Kona before - he wanted to take another shot after a brutal crash in 2010 with an approaching van, during a half Ironman in Ontario - happened to be at the race, I was glad it wasn't worse.  Rich had a long way back and really focused the next 4 years to qualify at Arizona, which he did with a speedy 9:08.  I know from talking with him, he had to really fight for that result.

Rich does not have any specific goals with respect to placing or time, but rather it is about his effort.  He is aware of how hard he can push and is looking for a consistently hard effort from start to end.  Along the way he is really going to take it all in and enjoy the fruits of his labour!

Have been working with Rich for years now, started as a coach / athlete relationship, then I got involved with Infinit, he has customer/partner ever since.  Great to see Rich going to Kona again.

Dawn Van Vlack - AG Triathlete

Dawn a local athlete, had heard of us through the Tri community here in Windsor, we first sat down in June to create her Custom Infinit Blend.

Dawn qualified at Eagleman 70.3 with a 4:57.52.  She was not expecting to qualify, was looking for a solid race.  She had some work to do out of the water and that is exactly what she did, she powered to the best bike split in her AG.  She knew that she would have to hang on during the run.  Two sisters that are natural runners chased her down and she finished 3rd.  They both passed on the spot, which gave Dawn the spot: "I guess it was meant to be!  I feel so fortunate for this opportunity".

When asked how she would approach Kona, her overall statement:  "Although I have been told to go and just enjoy the experience.....I plan on enjoying my experience the way I enjoy a racing my ass off!  LOL".

Here are her specific goals:
I have a few goals in acceptable time, a good time, and a great time!
In reality my day is all going to hang on how I manage my's all about patience!
I started using power after my Eagleman race so I will be watching my numbers.
The swim is what it is for me.....I would love to come out of the water around 1:15 but in the past I've been a 
1:20 swimmer.
The bike....if I don't get blown off my bike....should be between 5:40-5:50.....only reason I would be slower is if the wind is a major factor and the same goes for if my bike is faster....the WIND!!

My run is the key goal for me this race!  I have trained for a 3:30 marathon off the bike...I have had really great runs off the bike and have been hitting my paces all the while feeling very strong and injury free.  Again, this all hangs on how well I manage my bike!  In reality, depending on the day's event, I would be pretty content with a sub 4 hour marathon and over the moon with 3:30!  Wait and see what happens!!!

Matt Gervais - Coach: Output Coaching and Owner of Cycle Culture Bicycle Store

Matt has been a long term user and advocate of Infinit.  We are thrilled to see him qualify - he is killer triathlete, this was only a matter of time.

Matt qualified at Ironman Couer d'Alene with a time of 9:52:36 for 6th in the M30-34 and 32nd overall.  Tidy performance: swim: 58:48  bike: 5:27:43  run: 3:20:55.

When asked what it meant to him to qualify and what are your goals this weekend:
Qualifying for Kona meant a very great deal to me.  I've been very close a couple of times in the past, but this was my first shot since my last Ironman in 2009, having a son in 2010, and breaking both collar bones in 2011 in a bike crash.  After sitting on the sidelines last year to give my wife her opportunity to train and race well which ultimately resulted in her bronze medal at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Vegas, I hedged my bets this year by registering for 2 Ironman races and started seriously training in November with the one goal of reaching Kona.  Getting my spot in my first event in June was absolutely amazing feeling and completely unexpected after not feeling 100% prepared after having to train for much longer indoors this season because of the brutal winter we had.  Luckily, it meant I didn't have to race the second Ironman in Mont Tremblant, so it was just a training day.  Really looking forward to racing at the Superbowl of triathlon.  Next weekend I will race on sacred ground.
I wrote a full race report on Couer d'Alene that can be found here:
It's REALLY long.

I have no dreams of becoming World Champion or anything, so I'm not really feeling the pressure of Kona.  I'm very careful to not put any time pressure on myself.  I've been to the island on race day twice in the passed (once to watch Blaire, and once to volunteer), and I've watched every race since the Iron War in 1989 so I know how volatile the conditions are, and how much of the race is completely dictated by the conditions on the day.  The only guarantee is that it WILL be hot.  So, I have no time goals, I'm just hoping to have the best race I can and really soak up the atmosphere.

Melonie MacDonald - Dentist / AG Triathlete

Melonie and I first talked during my first week as a full time resource to Infinit Nutrition Canada.  Was an absolute thrill to finally be able to dig into doing full nutritional consults during the day, not squeezing them in around my pharmaceutical career.  This is why I do what I do, in a couple of short calls we were able to determine what custom blend would match Melonie's needs exactly.  I was ecstatic when I got her email of thanks and the announcement that she had qualified for both the 70.3 and the IM World Championships. We Fuelled Mel's Dream!  

Infinit:  Where did you qualify?
Melonie:qualified at the 2014 Hawaii 70.3 (Honu).  There were 28 spots up for grabs there, and my coach, Kevin Masters, and I knew it would be a long shot as the race field there is very competitive. It's a tough race so times are slower.  My time was 5:25:11. It was good enough for a 3rd place podium finish and a ticket to both Kona and 70.3 Worlds in Mont Tremblant.

Infinit: What did it mean to you?
Melonie: Getting a Kona spot was a dream come true and a dream about 3 Ironman's in the making.  I had done IMC in 2005, 2007, and 2013 and each time I was one or two places away from getting a Kona spot.  So it was a lovely surprise to nail my race in Honu and get a spot so early in the season (May) and not have to race a full Ironman in the same year as Kona.  Racing Honu and doing well there has also given me a lot of confidence going into Kona.  I know and have ridden the hardest part of the Kona bike course.  I know how to handle the winds and the heat.  I also know my nutrition (Infinit custom blend) works spot on!!!!!!!!!!

Infinit: What are your Kona goals?
Melonie: I think every athlete has a time goal in mind when they get ready to toe the line at any race.  Especially the Ironman World Championships.  However, this being my first go at Kona I am focusing more on making this race my 140.6 mile victory lap to celebrate my dream season.  I have never worked harder, I have never been more fit, and I have never enjoyed a journey more than this one.  In one season I have qualified and raced 3 World Championship Triathlons - ITU Grand Final Olympic, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and now the Ironman World Championships.  I want to race MY race well and enjoy and savor every moment.  My season has already been a Victory.

We are thrilled to be connected and fuelling these great athletes.  The Infinit Team wishes you all the best in Kona this weekend.  We will be following along, bib numbers are:

Rich - 1294
Dawn - 1079
Matt - 1806
Melonie - 1047

Have great races and a great time.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada