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Friday, February 14, 2014

History of INFINIT Nutrition Canada - Early Years to Today

So if you are 40 or so and grew up watching Hockey Night Canada you may remember the commercial from Remington Razor - Victor Kiam stating: "I loved
the product so much, I bought the company".  That pretty much sums up how I came to own INFINIT Nutrition Canada.

Coming off my third Ironman in 2004 - I was looking to enhance my fuelling plan even further.  I was already well aware of the benefits of an all liquid nutrition, simply the best way to maximize calories while at heart rate.  At this point I was getting about 300 calories per hour while on the bike.  The claim from INFINIT Nutrition was that they would create a blend that was customized to my exact needs and would be all I need to power through anything I would tackle.  Looking to continue to lower my overall time - I was in.

I went through the interview process with INFINIT and created a blend that matched the way I raced, my body mass, my sweat rate and addressed any specific symptoms I was having.  Got my blend a week later - came from the states.  After my first century ride I new this was different.  I quickly went from ingesting 300 calories per hour to almost 450 calories while riding.  During a typical IM ride or century ride that is around 800 extra calories - this allowed me to power through my rides and probably more importantly primed my recovery process.  My bike spits continued to improve and running off the bike was better than ever.  My first IM on INFINIT I hit my goal time on the button and shaved over 45 minutes off.  I was hooked.

The following year was really when I became aware of the opportunity from a business perspective.  After another full season of training on INFINIT I was looking to qualify in Lake Placid in 06.  Two weeks outside of my race, my product did not arrive - it was stuck at the border.  Contacted Mike and the US Team - they assured me they would hook me up.  While discussing I became aware of the opportunity, Mike was looking for a presence in Canada.  After a breakfast following the 2006 race - Mike and I agreed that INFINIT Canada would be a reality.  So I liked the product so much - I bought the company!  INFINIT Nutrition Canada was launched in November 2006.

When I first started the company, I romanticized about being immersed in the sport I loved.  What happened in reality was that I was pulled away from competing at the level I was.  Understandably all the time that I had invested in training after 10 hour work days in my pharmaceutical career where now reserved for supporting INFINIT Nutrition Canada.  Our growth was strong and really organic - simply from our customers talking to their fiends.  In 2007 there was a defining moment - we were contacted by the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific, Susan a Sport Dietitian called while on my lunch for the day job.  They were looking recovery products and blends to fuel our national level athletes.  Together with their experts and ours we created the Custom Fuel Program - 12 products that were designed to meet the wide range of needs for Rowers, Swimmers, Cyclists and Rugby to name a few.  Of course all of these blends had to be free of banned substances.  This relationship has continued and expanded across Canada - it has allowed us to work with elite athletes across Canada in nearly all sport disciplines.

Last year my hand was forced so to speak - good problem to have.  I could no longer lead the Operations Team in my pharmaceutical job and handle all of the demands the growing nutrition business.  In July I turned my full time focus on driving INFINIT Nutrition Canada.  My vision in 2006 when I first got involved was now a reality, today I am immersed in sport.  Happy to say that I am back training with purpose again - will do my first triathlons since 2008 this coming summer.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada