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Monday, February 24, 2014

LPC Tri Clinic Part II

I was at the Windsor Aquatic Centre on the weekend in support of the second Tri Clinic of the Season put on by Loaring Performance Coaching.  Coaches James and Mark from LPC, Charlotte from Loaring Physio, Peter Evans and Windsor Aquatic Club coaches Deb and Jeff put the large group of 60 through there paces this past Saturday.

Deb, Jeff, Mark and James led the 90 minute swim workout that was broken up into 3 sections: descending sets, open water drills and swim specific drills.
Jeff & Mark leading swim technique drills.
Following the a quick transition so to speak the group went out for a 60 minute run.  Trails were a little icy so a road loop was just the ticket to get the run in.  After the run there was core work with Charlotte and some nutritional guidance from Mark.

Finally the day finished with a 90 minute intense trainer ride instructed by Pete Evans.  I was there for support only, remembered from the January session that this was a hard effort.  In total the day was a 4-5 hr effort, a great way to accelerate your training.

We were happy to fuel such a great day with Jet Fuel and Repair.  We will be putting together some heavier blends for the long bikes they will be taking at the upcoming Florida camp and of course there will be lots of Repair on hand.

Great Job James you and the Team put on another great clinic.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada