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Friday, February 14, 2014

Protein - The "RAW" Truth

All proteins are not equal.  What do you get when you buy a protein like INFINIT RAW?

  1. A protein derived from cattle that are fed on chemical & pesticide free natural grasses.
  2. A protein derived from cattle free of growth hormone.
  3. A protein that has the most optimal amino acid profile for athletic performance.
  4. 14.3% Leucine - the Branched Chain Amino Acid most critical to the growth and recovery of fatigued muscles.
  5. A protein that mixes immediately, without foaming and clumping.
  6. A protein that has the best flavour profile of all proteins available.
INFINIT promotes that fuel and nutrition comes from real food when possible or practical.  Appropriate times to consume a product like INFINIT RAW:
  • Within 30 minutes of completing high intensity workouts that last greater than 60 minutes.  Supplying the body with good quality protein ensures that the body recovers on the nourishment provided and not the muscles themselves.  Net effect is muscle growth.
  • When protein levels ingested through real food are below 0.7-0.8g of pound of body weight.  Protein is best ingested spaced out through out the day 20-30 grams per sitting.
We are not for everyone - if you are looking ratcheting your performance up higher than ever and experience less muscle fatigue - give us a try.