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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Secret to Strong Recovery

At this time of year most Canadians are in their base training phase, building the big engine for the peak training phases and summer race season. To build a base stronger than ever you have to put the training time in and you have to effectively fuel. Click here to watch the video.

Phase I Recovery:
Fuel every 15 minutes on your sport-specific or custom blend for as long as the work out lasts, targeting a serving an hour. This will keep you hydrated and energized through out the work out and initiate your recovery.

Phase II Recovery:
Within 30 minutes of any work out lasting longer than 60 minutes take a recovery blend like: REPAIR. Getting 15-25 g of protein and Branched Chain Amino Acids will promote proper muscle repair and growth.

Watch the video for greater detail on the 2-phases of recovery and to learn how to ratchet up your base fitness week-over-week through this period of training.

Start maximizing the benefits of your hard work with an improved recovery plan.

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Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada