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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Curtis Dearden - Balance is the Key!!!

We are in the second year of fuelling Curtis Dearden, the 2013 Canadian Road Time Trial Champion.  We are happy to fuel such a balanced and focused athlete, as you will read, athletics are important but not the only love of his life.  Curtis who works for Russ Hay's Bicycles in Victoria is married to Amy (Manager of Athletic Services at CSI Pacific) and they have beautiful daughter Ellie.

Infinit: Prior to cycling, when you were younger where there other sports that you competed in?
Curtis: Starting in grade 8, I was a rower. Through to grade 12 I rowed at Maple Bay, but didn't become really competitive, or any good for that matter until grade eleven. By grade 12, I was winning senior races in the single and double sculls, including at the biggest regatta in Canada, the Royal Canadian Henley. I then rowed for all of my 5 years at UBC, winning 3 National Titles. I even met my wife Amy through rowing!

Infinit: How long have you been cycling and has it always been focused on the Time Trial?
Curtis: I've always ridden my bike, even while rowing I would use it for cross training. I've been competing in road cycling for 6 years now, and have always been strong in time trials, but only really started focusing on them last year when my daughter Ellie was born. With my growing family I had to pick one target event as my training time became limited. So far that focus is working out great for me!

Infinit: 2013 was a break out year for sure, what was the major difference in 2013 that resulted in you being the National Time Trial Champion in Canada?
Curtis: The difference for me in 2013 was Ellie, and for a number of reasons. First, as I've already mentioned, she has made me narrow my focus to one event, the one I'm best at. She also takes the pressure off at the big events, there is now something much more important than my last bike race. And I don't have the same amount of training time, which has really helped me to make me train smarter. I have to make sure that every training ride has a purpose and I have to make sure I execute it properly because I need to take care of her.

Infinit: What are your goals in 2014?
Curtis: My first 2014 goal is to defend my National title. Beyond that I'm hoping to earn selection to the Commonwealth Games in July before transitioning to the velodrome for the rest of the summer to take a run at track nationals in October. Beyond this year I'm looking to continue improving and hopefully the sky is the limit.

Infinit: I know that we have formulated a custom bike blend for you and you use Repair for recovery, what do you like most about your fuel?
Curtis: The biggest benefits to my bike blend are consistency and convenience. In a matter of minutes I can have bottle ready for my training that will always provide me with the fuel I need to complete my training or racing. I always know what I'm getting, and it is tuned to provide exactly what I need.
For my recovery product I am using Repair. Having a recovery meal within 15-20 minutes of finishing a workout is optimal for getting the most out of the training I've just completed and for preparing for my next session. Having the repair blend ready to go for me every time I come home makes this so much easier as again within minutes I can have the nutrition I need.

Infinit: Is there anything you would like to share that we haven't covered off?

Curtis: I guess I hope that people can read my story and be inspired by it. I work a regular job, and have a young family, just like a lot of other people out there. This summer my wife and I bought a house and we're renovating everything. I'm a busy guy, and I hope I can show that with a smart, efficient, targeted training plan, great nutrition, and the support of those you love you can achieve quite a lot! 

We wish Curtis all the best in 2014.  Check back here to see how his season is progressing.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada