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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Highlight of March 11th?

Many great moments today-Skype call with Brooke Brown - TeamInfinit triathlete.  Meeting with Nick Dwyer of OrthoCare Cycling - we are supporting the Team, did Nick's formulation today.  Getting to see our new website, so pumped, looks awesome!  Good connection with new retailers, and a few other nutritional consults.  This is where my highlight came, a nutritional consult with a 69 year old BC based triathlete.

This triathlete has been at it for a few years, very knowledgable and has worked with many products.  After a few minutes it was evident that our custom approach was going to solve the sloshing  around she was experiencing on the run. It was clear that the issues before were related to having a combination of products in her stomach that were too concentrated to be emptied and subsequently absorbed.  

Really excited to watch her progress this year.  She has a race schedule that many would be proud of.  She was an inspiration.