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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fully Customizable vs. eLoad "Customized"

I was at the Bike Show in Toronto yesterday and I stopped by the eLoad booth to talk with them.  I started the conversation saying that I was from Infinit and that I often talk about their product when doing nutritional consults with our customers.  I indicated that eLoad is a good product in that they carefully manage the concentration of the drink, one of the few companies that do - like Infinit. I shared that I thought it is quite light on the calories, but was good for short stuff - Simon is a good example of that.  One of the reps at the booth responded that she used it for Ironman and said "Oh no it is great.  I just have to add Fly (carb powder) and some Zone Caps (electrolytes). It is completely customizable." Lol.  Not exactly...  We like to think this is completely customizable:

  • We engage our athletes directly in order to understand exactly how to best formulate the drink
  • We vary the proportion of 3-carbohydrates - tuning it for the length and type of workout or race
  • We discuss flavour, pick a flavour, and then dial in the intensity to ensure it meets the athlete's flavour preferences
  • We add the right amount of electrolytes based on your sweat rate, how salty a sweater you are, and any symptoms you are experiencing
  • We add protein at a level that can be well tolerated while at heart rate - promoting satiety, and for optimal recovery post exercise
  • We adjust the calories to support your body weight, training intensity, and duration of exercise
  • We are mindful of the concentration of the drink, ensuring that every 'during blend' is less concentrated than your bodily fluids so it empties from the gastric system (stomach) immediately and is rapidly absorbed across the small intestine
  • You get a custom formulation that has been designed for you specifically and will not require any other add on products - just add water and go and go and go...

Infinit is the only truly and completely customizable sports nutrition on the market at a fraction of the cost of the other options.  Many of you invest 10 hours a week or more training.   If your time is money (and it is), do the math. Is spending $10-$20/week on fuel that will fully optimize your training and racing worth it?  We think it is.  You're probably spending that much on Timmy's  ;)

We can help you fuel better, so you can do better.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada