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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Big Night For Dougie In Game 3 Against the Wings!!

My son Mat and I decided late to go to the game.  What a luxury here in Windsor, go on StubHub day of the game, pay $20 more than face value and you are in.  What a great environment, the crowd was raucous and the show was pretty awesome with the flickering red light tubes.

Crowd got pretty quiet soon though, we had great seats to see Dougie score his first ever Playoff Goal.  Bruins looked great as they took Game 3, nice thing was Dougie scored the winning goal and was awarded "Player of the Game" honours from the team.

Following the game got to take Mat down to meet Dougie, while we waited got to meet some of the dads.  Was really cool talking with Kyle Krug, Kevin Marchand and Dobrivoje Lucic - all good guys loving their boys and the game they play.  Kevin asked us who are you related to, actually we are here to see Dougie, I have a sports nutrition company Infinit, we fuel Dougie.  Kevin thought that was cool, especially the term you Fuel Dougie and wanted to learn more.

When Dougie got out to see us he was smiles but down played his play, he did say it was a lot of fun though.  Mat who is also 20, was really impressed how humble he is, he even took time to ask how things were going for us. Dougie impresses us at Infinit as much off the ice as he does on the ice, absolutely great character.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada