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Friday, April 18, 2014

"Shanny" - Don't Let My Son Be Right, I Have To See The Leafs Win In My Lifetime!

My then 8 year old son, Mat's Jersey 
Brendan, as you probably know, the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the cup on May 2nd, 1967.  I am sure that I was cheering, but nobody could hear me as I was still in my mom's womb.  You have been described as having a big heart, and I think I am blessed with the same character - and I am crazy loyal.  As such, my heart has been broken year after year for the last 46 years.  The last time we were even close was magical, and a time that I look back on with the greatest fondness.  Couple of great 7 games series: first against Detroit with Nikolai Borschevsky scoring in OT against Detroit.  Remember that Brennan?   With Equipment Manager, Brian Papineau squirting a water bottle into the air? One of my favourite visuals.  Next was game 1: I got to be there on Carlton Street to see Dougie's magical goal in double overtime against the Blues.  Here is a nice summary of the run in 1993 - my proudest moment as a Leaf Fan: 1993 Playoff Run

Well, my wonderful son Mat was born a few months after this playoff run.  The Leafs have always been part of our world: Saturday nights and Hockey Night In Canada a staple.  So I sit broken hearted yet again after a monumental collapse late in this season and I now watch the playoffs as a bystander. Watching hockey tonight my wife Brenda, we reminisced about one of our favourtite Mat Haggith quotes (my wife always wrote his funny quotes in a book):
I never believed that my 8 year old's words could actually come true.  After more than 12 years since the quote was uttered, I have to admit I am starting to wonder if the kid is some sort of prophet.

So Brendan - what I ask of you is to make my know-it-all 20-year old wrong - he can't be right about everything.  I look forward to you instilling a new culture, a winning culture.  I am not delusional. I still believe.  Holding on to 1993 is getting a little old, and soon I will be described as the same.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada