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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dougie Hamilton New York Times Article

Infinit Canada Athlete -- and Boston Bruins Defenseman -- Dougie Hamilton was recently featured in the April 30 New York Times article, "From a Playoff Scratch to a Standout for Boston."

From the New York Times: "By the time Dougie Hamilton reached high school in St. Catharines, Ontario, he had found his sporting passion. The child of two Canadian Olympians, he tried all sports and excelled in most of them before concentrating on hockey. Then he grew five inches in high school, reaching 6 feet 5 inches and startling his mother, Lynn, who wondered if her son had made the right choice."

Click here to read the entire article.

We are incredibly proud to be fueling athletes of Dougie's caliber and character. Stay tuned to this blog, our Twitter account, and our monthly email updates for additional news on exceptional athletes like Canadian Time Trial Champion Curtis Dearden and Luke Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We Made The Radio - Listen to Podcast From Running Flat Radio Show On Hydration

Last Tuesday had the opportunity to be on the Running Flat Radio Show with Chris Uszynski and Kelly Steele.  Chris had asked be to come on and educate his listeners on Hydration, was happy to do that.

I had never been on the radio before, was really cool being in a radio studio.  Other than having headphones on and a microphone in front of me it was pretty much like sitting down at a table talking with friends.  Chris and I have become friends through running, anyone that knows him, knows he is a big thinker.  I read the following  on the Running Factory blog a few years back: "hey if you are interested in running 65 km to raise money to support Alzheimer's patents and families - let me know".  A buddy Les and I thought that sounded like a good idea - run 65 km through Essex County.  Not sure why?  The day of the run, show up with Infinit fuel, a few changes of clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes - never done anything like it before.

Get there and realize the enormity of Chris's vision.  There are multiple vehicles trucks, cars, a huge motorhome with a sound system on top, lots of volunteers and a large crew of police officers.  The whole entourage was pretty impressive, if you are going to run 65 km, think this is the easiest way to do it.  All in all, was a great day.  Next year Chris had to go bigger, with a better route - started in Essex, went to Belle River, through Windsor, Lasalle and finally Amherstburg for a total of 85 km.  Sadly that wasn't big enough the next year it was stretched to 100 km, and the same the following year.  This all was the precursor of Chris becoming a race director and starting Running Flat, pretty cool how things evolved.

For this year's races we have created a new blend for the Running Flat series.  As you will hear on the radio show, we created a lemon, carbohydrate and electrolyte drink that has some added colour.  This was new territory for us, we have never added colour to a drink, as it doesn't fit our philosophy of adding ingredients that do not have nutritional value (artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours).  We had completed some recent development work with Beet Juice Powder, after learning of the benefits and being asked by the Canadian Sport Institute to look into adding it to our blends.  We had three concerns with adding Beet Juice Powder to the very popular short distance blend Jet Fuel, they were:
  1. Will it stain the coolers and water bottles?
  2. Will it stay in solution?
  3. Will it have an adverse impact on the taste?
Thrilled to report that on all three fronts it hits the mark.  We demo'd the product at the leChocolate run, over 2200 runners tried it and we got a huge thumbs up.

Strongly recommend you listen to the whole show, Chris and Kelly do a great job.  If you are limited for time - I pop on around the 15 min mark and leave about 20 minutes later.  Hope you find it interesting and informative.  Click here to listen: Running Flat Radio - Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Thanks for reading and listening.

Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada