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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Happy Customer!!!

Just got this email this morning from Trevor, this is what is all about for us at Infinit!

Hi Darcy, I just wanted to let you know that I've now tried Infinit on two 4hr rides and it's a fantastic product. I know two rides of experience isn't a big sample size but so far so good. I have not been experiencing the bonk I've been having after 2 hours on Hammer Perpetuem and no cramps. I also love the convenience of having everything you need in one bottle.

I seem to like using 2 scoops per bottle rather than using a concentrated bottle with just water in other bottles. So I'll probably dial up the flavour a bit but I'll be putting in another order soon. Thanks for the help and for creating a great product.

My friends are getting curious about the product so I won't be surprised if you get some new customers soon. I'm looking forward to really putting this product to the test at the Leadville qualifier at Whiteface in late June.



Trevor asked us through our web email - how long to receive product in Toronto 9 days ago.  We told him and then he told us he was using it for cycling and wanted to address a few concerns he was having with his current fuel choice.  Suggested to Trevor that we hop on a call and create a custom blend.  We did right away and you can see it is working for him.

What's stopping you?