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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Infinit Nutrition Canada Meets BadassW.O.D.Wear - Now Fuelling CrossFit Athletes

Anyone who gets to know me, understands that I truly believe in the law of attraction. What do I mean? I believe you state what you wish to accomplish, think it, in order for something to become a reality. Back last fall that is exactly what I did. Knowing that we fuel some of the best athletes in the world and that CrossFit athletes' energy and recovery requirements are not a lot different, we felt that we could really help an exploding community and of course help our business. So I said it - I want to fuel CrossFit athletes, but I had know idea where to start. That was until I came across a local publication: BizX that featured a new local start up: BadassW.O.D.Wear. Reached out to Manda and after a quick coffee we realized that we should partner, we were confident there would be great synergies between our two organizations. Things are rocking for both companies - the emergence of the BadassW.O.D.Wear brand has been really fun to watch, in a few short months and appearances at both the Canada West and Canada East regionals it has taken off. Happy to report the same is occurring for the Infinit Strength blends - which have been specifically created for and by a group of elite CrossFit athletes.

Infinit: Tell the group about Badass WOD wear brand, why did you create it?
Badass Partner Blais and BadassInfinit Athlete Kyle Cant

Badass: We are an e-commerce retail store designed for our Canadian CrossFit Athletes and their communities. Being a long time athlete myself, CrossFit was a great fit for me and my competitive nature.  I instantly knew that I had found something different.  When I understood that CrossFit was a sport "The Sport of Fitness" and not just another way to keep in shape.  I soon realized that I wanted to be part of the community and give back in a greater way.  If I could start a company that supported the Canadian CrossFit athletes and helped progress the sport in Canada then that is what I needed to do.  Great Canadian CrossFit athletes, like many other sports go unnoticed, unsponsored and lack the support from our community to take their sport to the next level.  I wanted to embrace our athletes and the community giving back to it' local charities, it's affiliates and the people who are helping shape CrossFit in Canada.  And to fund such a project, I knew we had to sell a couple TShirts. 25% of all our revenue gets infused back into the CrossFit community!

Infinit: Talk about the growth of CrossFit.

Badass: Really, CrossFit is just in it's infancy in Canada. When talking to box owners most have only been open for 1-2years.  As of 2013 only 7.4% of all CrossFit affiliates were located in Canada.  To put that in perspective the state of Texas has more CrossFit affiliates than Canada as a country!  I've watched from Aug of last year to today, newly registered affiliates in Canada have almost doubled!  This is good news for Canada and our sport as this will spread a larger net to grab even more future CrossFitters who may prove to be the fittest in future events.  This also leads to more exposure in Canada which should lead to more companies stepping up to support these new athletes in reaching their goals.

Infinit: Why did you choose to partner with Infinit?

Badass Partner Manda and Badass/Infinit athlete Jolaine Bloom
Badass: I couldn't have asked for a better fit than our partnership with Infiniti Nutrition.  Darcy has the same focus on athletics and supporting our Canadian athletes as we do. Putting the mighty dollar aside we soon began to talk about evolving the standard of fuelling for CrossFit athletes and offering them a product that they could ultimately make their own.  Infinit was keen on helping improve relationships and help support our athletes to achieve greatness in their years of competition by providing them with the best fuel and helping us support their journey.  We soon realized that Badass and Infinit will always be seeking to forge beneficial relationships with inspired Canadian athletes who are looking to forward the sport of CrossFit in Canada.  We soon realized our mission is to enhance all levels of our sponsored athletes performance, growth and assist in development of their brand within the sport of CrossFit.  We also knew that we needed to aim to finance the development of our athletes through competition, training and education.  And, outfit and custom fuel them to assure they have the all the tools needed to succeed.

Infinit: How has it gone so far.

Badass: Well, there have been a lot of laughs!  Our partnership has been fun and super organic.  This rubs off naturally on our athletes and the people we have met in the community, allowing our name and our brands to have reached across Canada in such a short time frame.  In two months we have managed to speak and deal with hundreds of fantastic people in our Canadian CrossFit community.  I'm so excited to see where we'll be after 2014!

Infinit: What is in the horizon for Badass?

Badass: The near future is going to include some fun collaborations with Canadian companies to bring together the community.  We have developed "Super Jock" a competition that will bring elite sponsored athletes together to compete in a team competition.  These athletes will be representing their sponsored companies and will compete against other team sponsored athletes for a charity of their choice.  We are also looking to put together an annual event for Kids in CrossFit.  It's so important to not only support our mature athletes but also help develop our future stars and give them a platform to shine.  We will continue to give back in years to come and think of innovative ideas to keep our community thriving and strong.  We hope to be offering some great new products in the near future like Inov8 shoes, a new compression wear company that we'll soon be launching and we'll continue to evolve the brand. #REPTHEBEAVER !!!!!

We are thrilled to be partnered with BadassW.O.D.Wear.