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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We Fuelled Melonie's Dream of Going to Kona!!!

There are many things I love about my role at Infinit, one of the top?  Fuelling those who set crazy goals and actually achieve them.  Especially when it is a goal I have yet to achieve.

Melonie started using us July of last year ahead of Ironman Canada, as Mel puts it: "I had the race of my life".  She was 8th in her age group with the fastest run split - crazy fast at 3:28.  Melonie told us: "I believe my successful run split was a result of my nutrition plan on the bike - and that nutrition plan was your product.  Thank you very much for looking after me out there!!".  We were thrilled with the feedback.

We reviewed her formulation and made a very minor tweak in January, she had her nutrition dialed in for a very busy schedule in 2014:

Phoenix Half Marathon, March 1st
HITS Napa Olympic Distance Triathlon, April 13th
Kona 70.3, May 31st (hoping to get a Kona spot and a 70.3 World Championship spot in Monte Tremblant)
Ironman Coeur d'Alene, June 29th (if I don't get a spot at the Kona 70.3)
Calgary 70.3, July 27th
Ironman Monte Tremblant, August 17 (if all other Kona attempts have failed)
ITU World Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon, August 27th (already qualified)
70.3 World Championships, Monte Tremblant, September 7th (pending qualification)
Ironman World Championships, Kona, October 11th (pending qualification)

We got this email from Melonie this week:
"Hi Darcy,

Not sure if you remember me. I am the Edmonton triathlete who had big aspirations of qualifying for IMWC in Kona.

Just wanted to let you know, I did it!!!!!  I had the race of my life at the Hawaii 70.3, came 3rd in my AG and clinched a IMWC spot and a 70.3 Worlds spot in Mont Tremblant.  So with the ITU worlds I will be competing in 3 world events in 6 weeks.  Very exciting and a complete dream come true.

My race went so well and a big part of that was my nutrition.  SO thank YOU!!!!!  Infinit has never let me down.  Even in Hot, Windy Kona...I felt amazing.

It is a very tough race. One of the toughest I have ever done, particularly the run.  The run is on a golf course, mostly spongy grass and undulating to say the least.  Very tough to get any sort of rhythm going and completely energy zapping.  It was like a war zone out there.  Almost everyone was walking or cramping or suffering.  NOT ME!!!  I felt great and after a extremely tough, hot and windy bike.  My nutrition on the ride made all the difference on the run.  I know that.  I got my Kona spot by passing a woman in my age group with 1 mile to go!!!!  I blew past her and she had nothing to try and fight me off.  I can bet you she didn't have Infinit in her bottles on the bike!!!"
Just wanted you to know.
Thanks again, Darcy"

Congrats Melonie - we will be tracking as you tackle the ITU World Championships, 70.3 World Championships and of course Kona!

Enjoy the rest of the ride - you deserve it.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada