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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ironman Fuelling on Infinit. Simple and Safe!

I have personally used INFINIT for 4 Ironmans. Here I will provide you with my actual experiences so you can learn from me and optimize your plan for your next big race.

 A little background info I take all my calories on the bike from INFINIT, ensures the osmolality (concentration) in my stomach is suitable for easy absorption across my small intestine, no inference with salt or calories from other sources. I aim to consume 2300 calories on the bike. I sweat immensely.
Two Approaches To Consider Superconcentrate – Mix 8 scoops of your blend into each INFINIT Bottle. Take two on the bike and make an extra for special needs (just in case!). Place the extra bottle for special needs in large ziploc with two frozen water bottles to keep cool. During the Bike take in about 1/9 of the bottle every 20 minutes and follow with water immediately. Notes: Using this method relies upon chasing your INFINIT with clear water after every drink, this will get it back to the intended concentration, so it can be readily absorbed and you stay adequately hydrated. Make certain you take the time to calculate how much water you will be taking in if you are sipping on an aero-bottle straw. I used this method in 06 at Lake Placid and didn’t calculate until after as I searched for the reasons that I was dehydrated after the race. I recommend you do a sweat test a couple times during your training season to see what your water loss is per hr for different conditions (hot and cool).

Pros/Cons: Minimal weight for the bike on hilly courses. Easy to take in 2000+ calories on bike. No stop at special needs. If chase amount of water is not calculated/practiced, dehydration can result.

Normal Concentrate - Prepare 4 bottles at normal concentrate (2-Scoops each) for start of bike. Place 3 bottles on bike and empty one into aero-bottle prior to starting race. Prepare 3 bottles at normal concentration and one at double concentration for special needs. Place bottles in ziploc bags with frozen water bottles. Notes: Using this method is simple and requires no thought while on course. I used this at Florida last year when I knew the weight wouldn’t be an issue on the flat course, I wasn’t well trained, but had my best race nutritionally ever. I supplemented with water as well, in addition to the INFINIT water, I took in 300 ml of clear water every hour.

Pros/Cons: Safe, no thinking required on course. Easy to take in 2000+ calories on bike. Requires stop at special needs (30 seconds if done right). Extra weight on hilly course. Both of the above methods are great ways of setting yourself up for a great run! Both need to be practiced. Remember the number of calories is athlete specific; you may not need 8 servings, only race on what you have practiced in training.

This advice was given to me and I recommend this to any Ironman athlete: Conserve your energy and fuel your body the best you can through the swim, the bike and the first half marathon, to allow for your best possible last 13.1 miles.

For race day, you can also consider ordering your endurance formula and dialing the flavour way back to the left. Your concentrate will not be a strong flavour but will still have all your calories and electrolytes. If you have a special formula for running (for example no-protein and some caffeine), we suggest using a fuel belt. Just take the bottle and fill it up right to the very top with your custom mix. Then add a little water to make a heavy concentrate. When you get to an aid station, just squirt a little into a cup of cold water. You can get 1500-2000 calories in 4 bottles. That is a super easy way to carry a ton of calories with not a lot of weight. Hope this helps, if you have any questions drop us a line. 

Happy Training and Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate it.