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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fuel For Those Who Know Better....Like Emily Abbott, CrossFit Games Participant

Last spring I traveled to the Canada West Regionals with the Badass WOD Wear Team to capture an understanding for the enormity of CrossFit. I witnessed for the first time the top competitors from the Canada West territories compete against one another to see who would earn the right to participate on the world stage, The CrossFit Games.  While there I met incredible athletes and one surprisingly had local ties to Windsor. Emily Abbott, a Windsor Lancer alumni who played basketball and trained with Bobby Tran, now the owner of CrossFit WHL and developed her love for CrossFit at Windsor CrossFit, were she worked out with Manda from Badass - universe attractions .... I speak of them often !

We all ran into each other at dinner on Saturday, the night before the last day of competitions.

Emily was noticeably humble, yet very excited and calm even though she was well positioned going into the last day of competition sitting 3rd over all on the leaderboard.  Not getting ahead of herself she was very focused on what she needed to do.  Emily had an amazing Sunday and not only got on the podium, she finished first and was on her way to Carson California for The Reebok CrossFit Games.  The energy in the Olympic Oval was off the hook and being there to see a local athlete capture it all was icing on the cake !

We spoke with Emily after the event weekend, she had her eye on the prize and started her training program day two after arriving back home. After much discussion we asked Emily what she needed to compete well on the world stage. Emily needed work on her " limiter ", strength.  So we put together a nutrition strategy that would not only handle the load as she prep for the games, but keeping her healthy and fresh during the gruelling competition weekend at the main event.

At her first games, Emily did great! A smaller fish in this big pond, she stayed middle of the pack most of the weekend and even WON an event, The Sled Push, showing off her strength, her engine and incredible will.

So with a bit of time behind her and the experience of fuelling on Infinit for 6 months, what is Em saying:

"The CrossFit world is inundated with pre and post WOD supplements all claiming to increase PR's and crush Fran times.  As a CrossFitter, I find it extremely challenging to find what works with my body- a product that is simple and efficient.  Through Badass WOD Wear I was lucky enough to be introduced to Darcy Haggith of Infinit Nutrition.  His customized blends for pre and post workouts got me through long hours of training before the CrossFit Games and took the guess work out of what my body needed for optimal performance.  I especially love the Raw protein which I add to my smoothies, my yogurt and pancakes.  It's awesome!  I love straight forward products with out the excess fluff that many supplements contain. Infinit Nutrition is my go to!"

We are proud to be fuelling Emily Abbott as she continues to improve.  If you are looking to reach your true potential give us a shout.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada