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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fuelling Great Performances - Kona

Wanted to take a few minutes to wish a few Infinit Customers all the best this week in Kona.  By now they should all be there, soaking in the experience.  We will report back in a couple weeks on how their races went, hopefully have some good pictures and even a few race reports to share.

Richard Pady - Coach/Owner of Healthy Results

Rich was my coach a few years back and got me to my Ironman PB, I am grateful for that.  Rich has
been to Kona before - he wanted to take another shot after a brutal crash in 2010 with an approaching van, during a half Ironman in Ontario - happened to be at the race, I was glad it wasn't worse.  Rich had a long way back and really focused the next 4 years to qualify at Arizona, which he did with a speedy 9:08.  I know from talking with him, he had to really fight for that result.

Rich does not have any specific goals with respect to placing or time, but rather it is about his effort.  He is aware of how hard he can push and is looking for a consistently hard effort from start to end.  Along the way he is really going to take it all in and enjoy the fruits of his labour!

Have been working with Rich for years now, started as a coach / athlete relationship, then I got involved with Infinit, he has customer/partner ever since.  Great to see Rich going to Kona again.

Dawn Van Vlack - AG Triathlete

Dawn a local athlete, had heard of us through the Tri community here in Windsor, we first sat down in June to create her Custom Infinit Blend.

Dawn qualified at Eagleman 70.3 with a 4:57.52.  She was not expecting to qualify, was looking for a solid race.  She had some work to do out of the water and that is exactly what she did, she powered to the best bike split in her AG.  She knew that she would have to hang on during the run.  Two sisters that are natural runners chased her down and she finished 3rd.  They both passed on the spot, which gave Dawn the spot: "I guess it was meant to be!  I feel so fortunate for this opportunity".

When asked how she would approach Kona, her overall statement:  "Although I have been told to go and just enjoy the experience.....I plan on enjoying my experience the way I enjoy a racing my ass off!  LOL".

Here are her specific goals:
I have a few goals in acceptable time, a good time, and a great time!
In reality my day is all going to hang on how I manage my's all about patience!
I started using power after my Eagleman race so I will be watching my numbers.
The swim is what it is for me.....I would love to come out of the water around 1:15 but in the past I've been a 
1:20 swimmer.
The bike....if I don't get blown off my bike....should be between 5:40-5:50.....only reason I would be slower is if the wind is a major factor and the same goes for if my bike is faster....the WIND!!

My run is the key goal for me this race!  I have trained for a 3:30 marathon off the bike...I have had really great runs off the bike and have been hitting my paces all the while feeling very strong and injury free.  Again, this all hangs on how well I manage my bike!  In reality, depending on the day's event, I would be pretty content with a sub 4 hour marathon and over the moon with 3:30!  Wait and see what happens!!!

Matt Gervais - Coach: Output Coaching and Owner of Cycle Culture Bicycle Store

Matt has been a long term user and advocate of Infinit.  We are thrilled to see him qualify - he is killer triathlete, this was only a matter of time.

Matt qualified at Ironman Couer d'Alene with a time of 9:52:36 for 6th in the M30-34 and 32nd overall.  Tidy performance: swim: 58:48  bike: 5:27:43  run: 3:20:55.

When asked what it meant to him to qualify and what are your goals this weekend:
Qualifying for Kona meant a very great deal to me.  I've been very close a couple of times in the past, but this was my first shot since my last Ironman in 2009, having a son in 2010, and breaking both collar bones in 2011 in a bike crash.  After sitting on the sidelines last year to give my wife her opportunity to train and race well which ultimately resulted in her bronze medal at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Vegas, I hedged my bets this year by registering for 2 Ironman races and started seriously training in November with the one goal of reaching Kona.  Getting my spot in my first event in June was absolutely amazing feeling and completely unexpected after not feeling 100% prepared after having to train for much longer indoors this season because of the brutal winter we had.  Luckily, it meant I didn't have to race the second Ironman in Mont Tremblant, so it was just a training day.  Really looking forward to racing at the Superbowl of triathlon.  Next weekend I will race on sacred ground.
I wrote a full race report on Couer d'Alene that can be found here:
It's REALLY long.

I have no dreams of becoming World Champion or anything, so I'm not really feeling the pressure of Kona.  I'm very careful to not put any time pressure on myself.  I've been to the island on race day twice in the passed (once to watch Blaire, and once to volunteer), and I've watched every race since the Iron War in 1989 so I know how volatile the conditions are, and how much of the race is completely dictated by the conditions on the day.  The only guarantee is that it WILL be hot.  So, I have no time goals, I'm just hoping to have the best race I can and really soak up the atmosphere.

Melonie MacDonald - Dentist / AG Triathlete

Melonie and I first talked during my first week as a full time resource to Infinit Nutrition Canada.  Was an absolute thrill to finally be able to dig into doing full nutritional consults during the day, not squeezing them in around my pharmaceutical career.  This is why I do what I do, in a couple of short calls we were able to determine what custom blend would match Melonie's needs exactly.  I was ecstatic when I got her email of thanks and the announcement that she had qualified for both the 70.3 and the IM World Championships. We Fuelled Mel's Dream!  

Infinit:  Where did you qualify?
Melonie:qualified at the 2014 Hawaii 70.3 (Honu).  There were 28 spots up for grabs there, and my coach, Kevin Masters, and I knew it would be a long shot as the race field there is very competitive. It's a tough race so times are slower.  My time was 5:25:11. It was good enough for a 3rd place podium finish and a ticket to both Kona and 70.3 Worlds in Mont Tremblant.

Infinit: What did it mean to you?
Melonie: Getting a Kona spot was a dream come true and a dream about 3 Ironman's in the making.  I had done IMC in 2005, 2007, and 2013 and each time I was one or two places away from getting a Kona spot.  So it was a lovely surprise to nail my race in Honu and get a spot so early in the season (May) and not have to race a full Ironman in the same year as Kona.  Racing Honu and doing well there has also given me a lot of confidence going into Kona.  I know and have ridden the hardest part of the Kona bike course.  I know how to handle the winds and the heat.  I also know my nutrition (Infinit custom blend) works spot on!!!!!!!!!!

Infinit: What are your Kona goals?
Melonie: I think every athlete has a time goal in mind when they get ready to toe the line at any race.  Especially the Ironman World Championships.  However, this being my first go at Kona I am focusing more on making this race my 140.6 mile victory lap to celebrate my dream season.  I have never worked harder, I have never been more fit, and I have never enjoyed a journey more than this one.  In one season I have qualified and raced 3 World Championship Triathlons - ITU Grand Final Olympic, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and now the Ironman World Championships.  I want to race MY race well and enjoy and savor every moment.  My season has already been a Victory.

We are thrilled to be connected and fuelling these great athletes.  The Infinit Team wishes you all the best in Kona this weekend.  We will be following along, bib numbers are:

Rich - 1294
Dawn - 1079
Matt - 1806
Melonie - 1047

Have great races and a great time.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada