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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Press Release: Infinit Nutrition Named Official Fuel Provider

(Windsor, ON) - The Windsor Spitfires are very pleased to announce the club has entered into a two-year agreement with Windsor-based, custom-blended nutrition provider, Infinit Nutrition Canada, through which three Infinit products have become the club's "Official Fuel". Infinit Nutrition Canada has been creating custom nutrition for individuals and specific sports since 2006.

The company was founded by Darcy Haggith, an Ironman triathlete, who started using Infinit as fuel in 2005. Haggith liked Infinit products so much, he secured exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and sell the product in Canada.


Infinit Nutrition Canada has been a partner of the Canadian Sport Institute since 2007 and also created a Custom Fuel Program for BC-based national level athletes that ensured products free of banned substances while tailoring each to the unique needs of athletes in a variety of sports, including: snowboarding, track & field, swimming, rowing and rugby.  Infinit's strong reputation for quality products, safely formulated to meet the exact needs of Spitfire players, was key to the partnership coming to life.

The Spitfires will enjoy Infinit’s Hockey Fuelling System, which consists of ICE, REPAIR and RAW; three products that will take care of our players during pregame and workouts, on-ice and immediately following games and practices.  "We're very happy to partner with Infinit Nutrition," Spitfires Athletic Therapist Joey Garland said.  "The quality of their products and reputation speak for themselves.  But what we really like is the attention Darcy and his staff pay to customizing their products to the specific and changing needs of our players."  "This is a whole new level that will undoubtedly benefit our on-ice performance.  Infinit's program gives me a platform to get exactly what I need for the players to excel."