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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Matt Gervais - Mini Race Report Kona

Matt has yet to complete his race report - but thought this with some awesome pictures would give you a taste of what the day was like.

Matt's perspective:

Insane day!  I'll do up a report, but definitely not the day I had planned.  I have zero complaints though.  Not sure how conditions compare to other years, but definitely the most brutal wind and heat I've ever raced in!  Swim kicked my ass, bike was just brutally hard, plus a power meter that slowly died by showing low numbers, then going dead at 100km, a 4 minute drafting penalty (I would never argue, but I certainly was NOT drafting.  They did a great job out there), and a great run...for a while.  Major cramps hit me hard at about 17 miles and only got worse to about 21miles.  I was somehow able to get it together for the final 5 without having to stop and stretch them out.  Crazy thing about this race though, there were probably 100 times in the final 3 miles that I wanted to stop (but didn't), but then the last 1/2 mile down Alii Drive it was impossible to slow down.  The energy there is just something that you just can't put into words.
Thanks to everyone for following along, for the well wishes and the kind words. If you really want to talk inspiring though, the midnight finishers and the crowds there were just something else. Thanks again!

Matt finished in 10:09:47, not his best time, but probably considered his best overall effort though.  The winds were the worst in 15 years, stack on the heat and swim currents (wrong way), it was brutal and awesome all at the same time.

Congratulations Matt - we are really proud of you!

Enjoy your off-season, you have earned it!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada