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Friday, October 31, 2014

Two More CrossFit Clubs on Board!!!

We are thrilled with the response we are getting from the CrossFit community.  We met with our first CrossFit athletes less than a year ago.  We learned from them what is important in their fuelling strategies, we shared the experience we have in fuelling the best athletes in Canada and then together we came up with our system.

7 min - Burpees for Boobies
We always say that sports nutrition is not rocket science, but it is science.  Having a basic understanding of the science and the tools to use can make all the difference in your performance, how you feel during and how you feel the next day.  I had the opportunity to talk to CrossFit All Levels last Saturday at their 1 Year Anniversary (Congrats!), what a great group.  Happy to report that CrossFit All Levels is on board and we are already seeing some good sales - will be dropping more product off today.  Thanks John for taking the opportunity to learn about our approach to nutrition.

RJCF at Spartan Race
Another club that is on board is Rock Jungle CrossFit from Edmonton.  Dan and I talked a bit ago and he was happy to hear the approach we were taking, carbs timed right makes sense, no sweeteners, only stuff in there that has nutritional value.  Next step with Dan was to try the product, has to taste good for athletes to take it, that is a reality you have to deal with,. We have worked really hard to offer products that only have ingredients that have nutritional purpose and taste good as well.  Dan is taking his first shipment next week.

Can't wait to get the feedback from the two new clubs on board.  We are cool with any feedback - we heard from Dave Kitchen for CFNV that for the Rescue blend he needed 15 more grams of carbs per serving for the larger male population.  No problem that is what he gets.

If anyone out there wants to learn more about our approach feel free to contact us.  If we can help great, if not, that's cool too.  There is no one solution to sports nutrition, but we can cover the bases with our Custom approach.

Welcome CrossFit All Levels and Rock Jungle CrossFit!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada