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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Cycling Gym Choses to Fuel With Infinit!!!

We at Infinit are all about fuelling athletes that wish to perform at their best.  So when Steve Neal (already an Infinit customer) called to discuss fuelling "The Cycling Gym" with Infinit, we were eager to talk.  The Cycling Gym is a one-stop training and fitness facility for cyclists and endurance athletes.  Cyclists can meet their endurance and strength training needs through a coherent, periodized training program.  Steve Neal and Andrew Randell, the developers of The Cycling Gym, believe that cyclists should be doing more than just riding their bikes.  To improve athletic performance and overall well-being they should also be doing strength & conditioning training, stretching, and mobility work year round.
In addition to improving their approach to training athletes should also be practicing proper nutritional habits.  Through their own experiences Steve and Andrew understand the importance of nutrition, particularly the challenge of getting in enough calories during exercise.  In order to drive improved performance they feel that proper workout nutrition (pre, during, and post) is required, supporting growth and recovery as it promotes a reduction in the cumulative stress the body experiences throughout a training season.  The Cycling Gym wanted to partner with a nutrition company to give their clients access to proper workout nutrition and its associated benefits.

Andrew states: "Infinit Nutrition is a great fit.  With great pre-blends and the ability to customize at the athlete level, The Cycling Gym will be able to offer a variety of options to meet our clients’ needs.  Infinit Nutrition’s osmolality index and high calorie drink formulas will help us fill a gap in the nutrition market in Toronto".

The Cycling Gym will be an Infinit Nutrition Anchor Store where we can help ensure athletes have access to the nutritional products they need to thrive.

We are thrilled to have The Cycling Gym as a partner.  They do not have a one size fits all solution to getting an athlete to their ultimate solution, exactly how we feel about nutrition.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada