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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Rode Across France on Infinit and Baguettes

At Infinit Canada, we love Twitter, largely because it brings us a stream of great success stories from folks who are fanatic about Infinit and their chosen pursuits. Over the past week, we had the chance to meet and hear about the "Raid The Pyrenees Trip" from Alain Francq at Waterloo Cycling Club. In addition to posting a screen snap from Breaking Away, Alain got our attention for a pretty simple statement that we just knew contained a great story: "I rode across France on Infinit and baguettes."

Turns out, it's a pretty epic story.

Alain reports: "We were 8-12 hrs/day in the saddle and we each had a large zip-lock bag of Infinit (dozen or more scoops) that we’d top up in the water bottles as we rode along from town to town." The journey, which covered 720km, is best described by Alain in his original blog: "Dip your wheel (or yourself) in the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of France and cycle across the entire width of the Country and dip your wheel (or yourself) in the Mediterranean Sea on the East Coast of France."

Like so many athletes who discover Infinit Canada through friends and training partners, we couldn't be happier to hear that Alain's crew integrated our product into their adventure. "[Infinit] really was a vital part of our Pyrenean Challenge Plan... Infinit was easy to digest, had great flavour and provided energy all day."

If you have a moment to read a great story, and can stand the envy you're sure to experience, please hop over to Alain's original blog post about the trip at the Waterloo Cycling Club's site.

All this said, we only have one remaining question for Alain:

When are you going to ride across the width of Canada?

PS. Don't forget, if your team or club is interested in our Infinit Canada Team/Club Program for 2015, don't delay! Contact Darcy ASAP to get on our radar before it's too late!