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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Erica Livett - Planning for the 2015 CrossFit Season

I’m going to admit it… I hate the open, I’ve never done well in it and I’m really happy when it is done!  I don’t look at the leader-board through the whole 5 weeks because honestly there is no point.  I try my hardest every time I do the workout and my best is just that…my best.  Traditionally the open has favoured the lighter athlete, and has not been a good representation of how things will play out during Regionals… at least in Canada West… and up until now.

Enter the 2015 season… We all knew something had to change.  Too many athletes were getting to regionals that struggled with more complex gymnastics movements and weights that are regional standard.  There’s no movement or weight you can throw at me that I wouldn’t say ‘lets get this!’  Except maybe for strict handstand pushups… but still, I like them, just not a whole workout designed around them…

So what’s changed?  Only the top 20 (not 48) athletes will advance from our open to the regionals AND we will now compete for our place at the Games against athletes from the North West of the United States.  My initial reaction to this huge change was ‘shit!’  Never have I finished the open in the top 20 but I’ve placed top 10 every year at regionals with two 3rd place finishes…  IF the open stays geared to the lightweight athlete then I’m screwed, but so are many others.

So how does an athlete tackle this new unknown?  I’ve spoken to many of my competitive friends and we seem to share the same feelings towards this new format.  We’re excited and agree it is a good change BUT… our nerves creep in about only 20 spots… what workouts will show up to determine who is worthy of taking a spot at regionals? 

For me, the 2015 season is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of
Livett.  Those close to me know how hard 2014 was, and not really as an athlete but as a human.  2014 goes down as the most emotionally challenging year I’ve had to date and one full of change.  This season I will be competing as ‘unaffilliated’ and I am encouraged to take part in this season through the support of the athletes I coach and call my family.  I’m nervous about the open but so is everyone else.  I know that the open will represent more of a regional level than ever before, and this excites me!!! I may actually do well in the open this year…!

So where do I train now?  In the most awesome of Garage Gyms you have ever seen!  It has become my business as well as my training studio.  We all have to start somewhere and right here, right now is a great place to be!

Happy Open Season.  May the WODs be ever in your favour!

Erica Livett