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Thursday, February 19, 2015

JS Fitness Opens - Fuelled by Infinit!!!

My passion: Helping/leading people to perform at their true athletic potential.  Jonathan's passion is very well aligned with that.  So excited that the day has come, in which Jonathan has moved into his new space - his very own, very well equipped strength and conditioning facility.  I have known for a while that this was in the works, sometimes with contracts, renovations and such, things take a little longer than expected.  Was really happy to drop off the first Infinit shipment to his new digs.

Jonathan is very particular - which suits us just fine.  In addition to Raw, our straight New Zealand whey isolate, he wanted to provide a chocolate version of the product, sweetened naturally with Stevia and a brand new offering we basically created together: a Beta Alanine/BCAA/Creatine blend.  This blend is a pre-work out blend with very low calories the stimulates the work output and then set-ups a great recovery.

We are pumped to be associated with Jonathan - the people lucky enough to be clients know what he offers, I am sure things are about to explode.

JS Fitness develops programs specific to a clients needs and goals.  The custom/individual nature of the programming matches what we do at Infinit perfectly.

Thrilled to be partnered - Congratulations Jonathan!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada