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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quick Update from 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Last weekend a few athletes trained by Forward Momentum (Shaun Taylor), made the jaunt from Alberta to Arizona, to race the 24 hr Mtn Bike race put on by Epic Rides.  There is no question that we are talking about incredibly talented athletes with huge will, it also has to be recognized that they are trained by one of the sports best here in Canada.  These guys/gals rock!

I will be looking to post some race reports as they come in, but here is the down and dirty results:

Andrew Bovard - Finished 4th overall out of 115 Solo Male riders.  Covering 273.7 miles and climbing 20400 ft.  Should be noted that is last lap was his 3rd fastest at 1:18:01 - crazy.

Ryan Gardiner - Finished 7th overall in the same Solo Male division.  Conquering the same distance and elevation gain.  Ryan also had an impressive last lap - only 8 seconds of his first lap (fastest) at just over 1:16.

Julie Kelly - Finished 2nd overall in the 17 person Solo Female division.  In 15 laps Julie covered 241.5 miles and 18000 ft of climbing.  If Julie was in male division she would have placed 12th overall - wow!!!

Final note on the 3 performances - typically 24 hr Solo performances are supported by a crew - making certain that lights are charged, clothing is right, nutrition is bang on - these guys all did the race unsupported - making their accomplishments even more impressive.

Obviously we are proud to be fuelling such strong performances.

If you want to perform like these guys - check Shaun out at: Forward Momentum Coaching

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Congrats on a great start to 2015!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada