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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

15.3 In The Books - Infinit Athletes Still Looking Good!

Quick update on the results so far after 3 weeks of the 2015 CrossFit Open competition.

15.3 Workout: 7 Muscle Ups, 50 Wall Balls and 100 Double-Unders, AMRAP - 14 min.

In the East:

Kyle Cant - CrossFit East
Kyle Cant is our lone athlete competing for a regional spot in the east.  He is currently sitting 17th in
Canada East - a jump up into that all important top 20, this year's cut-off for getting a chance to compete at the Regionals.  Great job on 15.3 Kyle - 517 reps for 15.3 was good enough for 5th in the region - gutty performance.

In the West:

Emily Abbott is proving she belongs!  Last year a bit of a surprise to take the Canada West Regional crown.  In the off-season she worked to add strength to that incredible engine - looks like it paid off.  She has finished top 5 in all 4 Open events so far, with 1st in region for 15.3 with 475 reps.

Erica Livett sits just outside of the top 20, admittedly she indicates Open competition is not her strength - which is made more challenging this year with only the top 20 going on.  She has held her own so far - hoping for another big strength event to balance things out a bit and allowing her to crack the top 20.

Jolaine Undershute is all about consistency so far - 4 results all in the top 20, with a number 1 showing for 15.2.  Nice to see Jolaine at number 4 in Open after a rough time at the Regional last year, going in was 3rd overall but couldn't compete due to catching a nasty bug just before the competition.  Would be great to see her competing at the Regionals and maybe even the games this year.

Brent Fikowski has been solid throughout the first 3 weeks of the Open.  3 top 5 results have him in 3rd in the region - his latest 2nd place showing in 15.3 was pretty impressive at 551 reps.  Brent is typically a little more methodical or calculated when approaching his work-outs, he went all out for this one, was looking to go unbroken for 3 rounds and then see what happens.  Looks like it turned out ok.

Nate Beverage has been consistent as well - and has moved into 8th overall with a 9th place effort at 508 reps.  Nate is new to the world of Infinit - probably recoverying on Rescue now that they have taken Infinit on at his affiliate CrossFit Hybrid Athletics.

Really exciting to see all of the athletes we fuel near the top.

Looking forward to tomorrow's 15.4 announcement and the results posted by these incredible athletes.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada