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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

15.4 Complete - Great Results Continue!!

With a week left of the Open here is an update on athletes we are watching.

Workout was an 8 Min AMRAP - Handstand Push-Ups and Power Cleans.  This workout was a killer - with the new standard, it forced athletes to use a near shoulder width distance for the HSPU's.  Every round there was an increase in the number of reps for the HSPU's - up by 3 each round and every 4th round the power cleans increased by 3.

Happy to report that all of the Infinit Fuelled athletes have stayed in the top 20 or have moved into the top 20.  Great news!

In the East:

Kyle Cant is our lone athlete competing for a regional spot in the east.  Kyle pushed out 116 reps of a really tough combo - finished a little lower than the competition around him, but still strong enough to be at 18th overall.

In the West:

Emily Abbott was 3rd in the region on 15.4 with 129 reps - huge effort.  Solidly remains in the number 1 position.

Erica Livett cracks the top 20, sitting at 19.  Her consistency is allowing for the climb - 96 reps was good enough to move from outside the top 20 to a qualifying spot for the Regionals with one WOD left.

Jolaine Undershute cranks out another top 10 effort in 15.4.  127 reps was good enough for 6th in the region.  Jolaine sits at number 2 in the region, moving up 2 spots from last week.

Brent Fikowski has had a great open so far.  Another great showing this week with 141 reps - got him a 2nd place in the region.

Nate Beverage had another strong week - nailing 125 reps for 7th.  This 7th place moved him up to 7th overall.  Great open so far.

Really cool to see all 6 athletes on the right side of 20.  Looking forward to the announcement Thursday, hope it suits your strengths and you all punch your ticket to Tacoma or Hartford.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada