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Monday, March 9, 2015

Eleanor Proves it is Never Too Late, 4th Half IM Coming Up!!!

Believe it was last March that Eleanor came to us, she was recommended by a friend.  We created Ellie's Tri Blend for her, after working through a series of questions.  Eleanor sent a wonderful email, that I read just before going out for an early morning run last June, great start to the morning:

Darcy - want to thank you again for your wonderful product.  Last weekend I was at training camp at Whistler, BC - rode for 5:20 (120 km) and there were some unbelievable difficult long hills - went through 3 - 20 oz bottles and I was fine.  Had lots of energy and no cramping.  It was especially hot that day as well.  Our coach said it was 32 C.  Afterwards I even ran for 30 mins and after the first shuffle, felt pretty good!   Never had such great results.

I have been using your repair formula - thank you for the trial package.  It tasted so good that I bought the large bag - I picked it all up at Nester's in Whistler.

Couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to connect with Eleanor again, she had some questions about her formulation.  While we were corresponding we came to know that Eleanor is 70 years young and still going really strong.  As we have worked the last couple of weeks to determine her fluid rate loss the past two weekends, I know that she has done a 4 hr bike and this last, a 5 1/2 hr ride followed by a 40 minute run.  I love it.

We asked Eleanor to share her story, here it is, pretty cool:

I started running 15 years ago and after 7 marathons and a lot of half-marathons, I decided to attempt a triathlon, which meant I first had to learn how to swim and to ride a road bike - both of which were frightening!  That was 5 years ago and I have completed three 70.3 distance triathlons.  

My very first attempt I did not make the cut-off time for the bike.  I always tried whatever nutrition was the flavour of the day in the industry and what others were using and I suffered from a lot of digestive distress.  One year ago, a friend that I met at the gym, told me about Infinit.  She also did triathlon events and had great success with it.  I was lucky enough to have a personal consultation with Darcy and he was able to custom blend a formula for me, which has done well.  I train approximately 10 - 14 hours per week and use the product daily.  I have not had any digestive distress and expect that it will see me through my next 70.3 at the end of this month. 

Ask yourself how many people that attempt their first Half Ironman (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike & 21.1 km run) and don't complete it because they failed to make the bike cutoff - then dust themselves off, persevere and finish 3.  I can tell you there are not many - Eleanor you are an inspiration.

Best of luck Eleanor in Oceanside, CA for your next 70.3 race, which happens to be on my awesome mom's birthday - she is 69 years young and exercises pretty much daily as well!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada