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Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Do You Create the Perfect Fuel For CrossFit Athletes?

In 2013 we felt we could really help CrossFit athletes perform better and of course wanted to be part
of this growing phenom.  Knowing that we have fuelled thousands of the top athletes in Canada - including multiple Olympic medalists, pro Hockey players and some of the top endurance athletes, we knew if we could take our custom approach and match it directly to the CrossFit athletes' needs, we would have something pretty big.   First step of creating this fuel, work directly with top athletes.   Find out what they like about their current nutrition, find out what they don't.  Discuss workout performance, are they able to power through the entire WOD or do they feel like they are fading near the end.  Are they continuing to see personal bests or have they plateaued.  How are they feeling the next day - tired and achy or ready to hit it again.

After much dialogue with the 4 athletes: Dan Bosco - Coach/Owner of Windsor CrossFit, Kyle Cant - 10th Overall Canada East 2014, Jolaine "Bloom" Undershute - 4th Overall CrossFit Games Masters - 2013, & Erica Livett - 3rd/4th Overall Canada West 2013/14 we started to understand what we needed to do,  to address some gaps in CrossFit nutrition, the first and most obvious was add carbs!   The Paleo diet works outside of the gym, but it doesn't support peak results inside the box.  To perform at your best during longer metcons and to recovery optimally you have to introduce fast acting carbs, not just protein.  Was really cool working with the 4 athletes and along the way got some valuable insights from Garth Cooke Owner/Coach at CrossFit North Okanagan.  Not only were we trying to optimize the nutritional side of things, we had to ensure that we were matching the athletes palates - needed to have a drink that would be consumed readily, had to taste great, mix well and would never get in the way of the workout.  4 months later after taking feedback and tweaking the blends, we arrived with the fuelling system.  A group of products that do not contain any artificial flavours, sweeteners, or anything else that doesn't provide nutritional value.  Not only did we take feedback and mix ingredients in the most optimal proportions - we started with the highest quality raw materials.  This is our model, this is what allows us to be partnered with the Canadian Sport Institute - Pacific and for us to have earned the right to fuel the best in Canada.  The most notable ingredient we use - New Zealand Whey isolate - it has the best nutritional profile of any protein on the market.   Highest proportion of key BCAA's that drive the growth and repair of muscle.   Additionally it is the cleanest tasting and easy protein to mix, you don't need any fancy protein shaker to avoid nasty clumps.

Have we created the perfect fuelling system for CrossFit?  Not sure, but we are pretty darn close.  The great thing is we continue to receive feedback and if you want to see a change, our custom approach accommodates that.  Dave Kitchen from CrossFit North Vancouver as an example, loved Rescue but wanted to see a second version for his larger athletes - with a few more carbs present - hence now why we offer Rescue+.  Garth Cooke pushed us to create a no carb blend of high BCAA/Beta Alanine to support max strength days - that now exists, great blend that is being used in conjunction with the other products.  At present we are sourcing raw materials for a new weight gainer at the request of Bobby Tran from Workhorse Lifestyle Crossfit.

Really excited to watch this grow - of course we love the increase in business in this new area, but we are really excited to watch the athletes we fuel reach their true potential.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada