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Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 CrossFit Open is Closed! Team Infinit Athletes All Moving On!

This year's open finished with what looked like a simple workout, I heard some utter: "Is that it?"   Anyone who tried it, certainly changed their tune quickly.

What was it?
27 - Calories on the Rower 
27 - Thrusters 65 lbs Women/ 95 lbs Men 
21 - Calories Row 
21 - Thrusters 
15 - Calories Row 
15 - Thrusters 
9 - Calories Row 
9 - Thrusters 
 All for Time. 

Going into the last event, Emily, Jolaine, Brent and Nate were all pretty safe as long as they had good results in 15.5.  Kenny and Erica were a little closer to that 20th spot and anything but a great result, could have them missing the top 20 and their chance to go to the Regionals.  Have to say all 6 were incredible.  My scaled version performance at 11:08 killed me, here is how they faired: 

Emily - 7:35. Good enough to take 1st in the Canada West Open. 

Jolaine - 7:45. Got her number 2 in Canada West. 

Erica - 8:16. Erica finished 19th overall, her highest open result. Erica did the workout a second time and gained another 30 seconds, cementing her in the top 20.  Way to dig deep! 

Brent - 5:45. Killed it - have a look at youtube feed. Great pace and form through out 15.5, got him 3rd in West. 

Nate - 6:29. Finishes 8th overall in West, 2 points behind 6th place Lucas Parker, Nate is ready! 

Kenny - 6:32. Big finish to place 17th overall in East. 

Would be really cool a few of these
folks on the big stage again!
Now all 6 will get ready for their regional event - Canada West athletes will be competing against the Northwest division in Tacoma starting May 29th.  Canada East will go May 22nd in Hartford.  This year there is major change for the regionals as most know.  Only the top 20 from each region will be competing in a regional that includes two regions.  Canada East and Northeast US will compete and likewise in the West, Canada West and Northwest US. 

We did a quick review of the West to see how our top seeds faired against the Northwest folks.  Brent finished number 3 in Canada West - he would have been 4th in Northwest group.  Emily top in the West would have been number 3 in the Northwest.  Should be great regionals. 

Want to congratulate all the athletes on getting to the regionals - incredible accomplishment, their reward is now to swim in a bigger pool, hoping to make the cut to perform at this year's CrossFit Games. 

Good luck! Get a bit of rest and then tune your engines.  As always - if there is anything we can do to fuel your best performances - we are here!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada