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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend Tournaments In the Heat - We Have You Covered!!!

We love getting emails like this.  Today we received this from head coach Anthony Di Meo of the Windsor Jr Stars, thanking us for giving his team a competitive edge.  Simply their players played to their potential. We are thrilled we got them there. Check out what they had to say!

“Hey Darcy, just to give you a feel for how valuable I see your product being. We were in a soccer tournament with 15 year old boys in Toronto a week ago. Toronto was experiencing a typical mid-May weather of 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity. We were using the Fuel and Repair blends just as you had instructed. We made it to the final against Burlington. Burlington looked like many of the Toronto teams we faced that weekend – all athletes. This was now our fourth game of the weekend and second of the day. As my boys finished their fuel, 11 of them went out on the field, and my 3 substitutes were standing next to me asking who they were going in for and when. As the ref counted the players on the field (common prior to a game), he identified only 10 players on the field for Burlington and notified their coach. I looked over on their bench & saw 5 players sitting under their tent in the shade. The coach turns to them and asked if any of them wanted to go in and to my disbelief, all 5 shook their heads and said they couldn’t (from being too tired, too hot, or too sore). Unbelievable. The final game and he couldn’t get 11 players on the field. Now I know that the weather conditions had a lot to do with it (again, muggy, stagnant 90 degree day).  He couldn’t get 11 on the field from his 15 while I had to control all 14 of mine that wanted to be on that field. As the game wore on, we clearly were in much better condition that day, and for that game against a much superior opponent – both physically and mentally. Thanks again. A True competitive edge for us.”

Congrats team! Our custom or sport- specific blends promise to prepare and fuel you for even the toughest, hottest, and most gruelling of workouts or games! Stop by our website to check out our fuel blends, or to start creating your own: Infinit Nutrition.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada