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Saturday, June 27, 2015

120 000 Meals Packed in 2 Hours!!!

We had the privilege of being involved with an amazing charity event today- so too did 500+ people at the Rhodes Drive Ground Effects Plant in Windsor.  Today's packing of 120 000 meals was incredibly organized and was initiated by Jim Scott, the president of Ground Effects.   Jim is involved with various charities, and has been supporting Haiti since just before the 2010 earthquake.  Today, he was partnered with William Lowry from 'My Neighbour's Children' a charitable organization that is focused on feeding Haitian children -some that are near death.

In the hour preceding the packing of the meals, we got insight into the need, and some quick training on how we were going to pack the meals efficiently and safely.   We got started at 9 am - broken up into Teams of 10, with about 40 stations total. At each stations we added dried vegetables, textured soy protein, a vitamin pack and rice.  Each soup bag we packed contains the equivalent of 6 meals - enough for 24 hours worth of food.   After adding all the ingredients, each bag was weighed and topped up with the right amount of rice to hit the target weight of 390 to 395 g. The bag was then handed to the sealing people and ultimately, 36 pouches packed into each box.   To say it was an efficient process would be an understatement. Truly a well oiled machine. All ages working together today for a few hours, making such a huge impact.

I got a chance to talk with Pastor William Lowry at the end. He gave me his card as there may be some assistance we at Infinit can provide. His card has a statement: "Choose to Care!" What a line!

We feel blessed to have been part of this today.  Jim and his Team at Ground Effects were amazing - he indicated at the beginning when kicking the day off that this all started with a thought and an email. Crazy what can be accomplished when we follow through with our thoughts and ideas.

In William's words: Choose to Care today, you will be glad you did and so will the people you touch!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada