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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Infinit Tips - Ryan Cochrane

We recently asked some of our Team Infinit athletes to share some of their tips for using our products. Today we want to share with you why and how Olympic Medalist Ryan Cochrane loves using our blends.

"With 4 - 5 hours in the pool and at least an hour of dry-land training, we can call our daily training schedule a full time job.  Its easy to see what youre going to be doing each day, but ensuring extended health and muscle development isnt exactly at the forefront of our minds.

It wasnt until later in my teens when I realized the importance of recovery. Get a lot of sleep they tell you, try to eat a balanced diet”… all these mantras seemed to miss out on an extremely significant aspect of sport: the during and post products that aid in muscle growth, help you avoid sickness, and get you that much more ready for the workouts ahead.  Here in Victoria, were fortunate to work with an outstanding dietician, who really works hard to instil these lessons. Infinit has been a pivotal part of that learning process.  As an athlete, Im always looking for high quality products with tested, reliable ingredients and Infinit has always checked those boxes.

Carbohydrates are a must when we are doing our 80 km weeks, and the Jet Fuel blend is our go-to for during training.  Sure theres the other sport drinks in the market, but I appreciate knowing where the ingredients come from in the products I trust.

After any workout (no matter how far we went in the water) I have to have a high protein food source within 30 minutes; after that time, Im missing out on refuelling my body in a way that Ill get the most benefits out of the day. Occasionally Im able to grab some food, but for the most part Im busy at a meeting, heading to another training session, or out running an errand.  For those moments, InfinitRepair is an easy product to use, considering I only have to add water. 

Creating these habits allows me to not worry about my nutrition:  I can therefore put all my energy on bettering myself in the pool each day.  No one want wants to worry about whether theyre doing enough to support their sport goals, so adding Infinit is an easy way to know youre making the right choice."