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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Infinit's Getting Wild With Wild Bettys

Infinit is excited to be teaming up with Wild Bettys Mountain Biking Club for their annual FunDuro. The FunDuro is a women’s only 2 and 3 lap race in Crothers Woods (Toronto). It is an exciting opportunity for mountain bikers to experience the awesome trails that we have right here in our own Canadian backyard. The first race will begin at 6:30pm on Tuesday, July 7th (Raindate July 14th). Preceding the ride, prizes, refreshments, ice cream, and awards will be distributed during the post race celebration! More information about the race can be found here

Wild Bettys has been using Infinit fuel for their rides, and they couldn’t be more thrilled. "The women on our race team all have demanding careers and personal lives," says Melinda Davie, founder of the Wild Bettys mountain biking club.  "We're looking for quality products, like Infinit, that help support our bodies while we push ourselves to new limits.”

It is important to always be fuelled properly for whatever sport you are competing in. Infinit has created the perfect fuel blend for all forms of cycling, which will prevent bonking and limit the amount of fuel you need to carry to just one water bottle. Gone be the days of travelling with numerous bars, gels, and drinks. Our trio of fuels will have you performing your best day in and day out, making you faster and feeling great. Jetfuel will keep you hydrated, prevent muscle cramping, and maintain optimum muscle function. Ride is the drink of choice during your cycling efforts. It will keep you hydrated, and initiate the recovery process. Post race, have a bottle of Repair. Not only will it have you ready to ride the following day, it will also help promote muscle growth, making you a stronger, faster racer. "This month I spent eight days riding in the mountains of North Carolina. I couldn't have done that and step right back into racing without Infinit Repair," shared Lisa Fender, a member of the Wild Bettys racing team. 

Check out our line of Cycling products here: Infinit CyclingOne racer at the FunDuro will have the chance of winning a Infinit Cycling Fuel Kit. We hope that you can make it out to the event!