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Friday, July 31, 2015

Ryan Cochrane Swims to Pan Am Success

More success for Team Infinit! His dominance in the Swimming world continues as Team Infinit Athlete Ryan Cochrane secured 2 Gold medals and a bronze at the recent Pan Am Games!

The first race of the weekend for Ryan was in the Mens 4X200m Freestyle Relay. He and his team began a successful weekend with a bronze medal finish in the race, falling to Brazil and the United States. Though not a first place finish, this race set the stage for a very successful weekend for Ryan. 

Ryan is known from his performances in the 400m freestyle and 1500m freestyle and he did not disappoint at the 2015 Pan Ams, knocking off two Games records in the finals of both races. He started the games off with the 400m freestyle. He crushed it - beating out the silver medalist by over a second, and also shaving a second and a half off of the previous meet record. With one gold now under his belt, Ryan was well on his way to achieving his goals for the games:

"Being able to stand on the podium 3 times was the ultimate goal for the games.  It really set me up well for the upcoming World Championships which start Aug 2nd in Kazan Russia." Ryan states. 

We asked Ryan what his keys to success were at the games, and we were happy to hear that we helped him achieve his goals. "Recovery and health were both extremely important factors during racing in Toronto, knowing our schedule for the summer was filled with racing all over the world. Infinit was with me every step of the way."

To see Ryan win the 1500m Freestyle, click here: Ryan 1500
The final race of the games for Ryan was the 1500m final. It seems the previous two races didn't take a toll on his body, courtesy to his effective recovery as he swam his way to another gold medal and his second Pan Am Record of the weekend, finishing the race in 15:06:40, 3 seconds faster than the silver medalist, and a massive 6 seconds faster than the previous Games record. 

When we asked Ryan to reflect on the weekend, he couldn't have been happier. "The Pan Am Games in Toronto was one of the best sporting moments I've been able to experience;  not only was the crowd louder than I've ever heard, the support we had in and out of the pool was humbling to say the least."

Congrats to you Ryan! We are always happy to fuel you, and nearly half of the Canadian Swim team. Good luck at World's in August - we will be cheering you on! 

Melissa Bishop is Golden!!

A good friend -Kevin once told me, wherever you are today - just take the right next step and you will end up in a better place.  When you see the finishing images of Melissa Bishop winning the Gold medal at the Pan Am games, many would think the year was executed exactly as planned.  As it turns out, it couldn't be further from the truth.  The one constant for the build to Pan Ams and the World Championships in China was that Bish took the right next step, regardless of the situation that was presented.

One of the cool things about working with Melissa is that she is local, through our travels and getting her custom fuel into her hands, we are always up to date on how things are progressing.  The season started out really well - lots of volume and base work that was yielding some impressive results for key benchmark workouts.  Early in 2015 Melissa had to stop running all together while she healed a nagging injury.  Finally when over that, she got some great outdoor work done in Arizona in March - fitness level and form was really coming.  Then it was off to Flagstaff for a key training camp with other elite runners - things are good when you get a note from one of Canada's top Physiologists Trent Stellingwerff: Hello from Flagstaff, AZ – here with 24 runners (Melissa Bishop being one of them Darcy—IMHO she is ready to run a great one BTW!).  So all good right?  That was until Melissa rolled her ankle and was unable to run for much of May, less than a month from June 14th, the deadline to qualify for the Pan Am games.  Remember seeing Melissa at Physio-Fit - David Forrest here in town - she shared the news but remained up beat and said we will do what we can do.  From that point forward she kept taking incremental steps to improve her fitness and sharpen her race pace.  She used a anti-gravity treadmill and was running with 40% weight - this allowed her to get her running legs back and slowly she progressed to full weight bearing running.  Watching all the meets leading up to the Oregon Classic - Melissa ran the races well, but her fitness level was just a hair off, making it difficult to finish strong in the last 200 m.  At the Oregon Classic two days from the deadline to qualify she was able to run 2:00:67 - the second fastest Canadian - whew!  She is going to Pan Ams.

With the continued build for Pan Ams and Worlds she was racing in the UK - by July 14th in Luzern we could see what Trent was seeing - she is in rare form.  Bish ran not only a season best, but a personal best 1:59:52.  Great sign leading into the next big race on home turf at the Pan Am Games.

Melissa Winning Gold at 2015 Pan Ams
Click Link to Watch: Bish Golden
Was at a cottage up in Collingwood with friends watching on the CBC live feed on my Mac - kudos to CBC on providing the coverage and capturing things as they have.  I remember explaining to my friends and wife Bren - a podium would be a victory here - Montano and Almanza both have PB's significantly faster than Melissa.  So if you didn't get a chance to watch - encourage you to take 4 minutes - this was my favourite moment of the games and there many highlights.

Earlier this week I got a chance to connect with Melissa over a coffee to discuss the race and a few product needs/ideas she had.  Right off the bat - she plops the Gold Medal in front of me, wow!  Didn't expect to see it, made it so real and was awesome to see.  Melissa was still on cloud nine but what was incredible was that she was hungrier then I have ever seen.  "This is only the beginning!"  When we talked about the race, she mentioned visualization and journalling she did prior to the race, to be relaxed and controlled on the final stretch, previous recent races she had tightened up at the end, she felt if she could stay relaxed the crowd would bring here home.  She was right!  She had a perfect plan with Coach Fairall and she executed perfectly - conserving valuable energy, tucked behind Montano and Almanza on the back stretch and only vaulting to the lead when it mattered.

Melissa was reflective on the season to date - it obviously played out way different then planned.  But there are some valuable lessons along the way; forced to train definitely and yielding great results it puts some new learnings and tools in her tool box as she continues to elevate her performance.

On Tuesday Melissa was featured on the Running Flat Radio Show with Chris Uszynski, you can hear more about the year and the race by clicking here: Running Flat - Melissa Bishop.

We are proud to be part of Melissa's continued journey.  We look forward to reporting out on how things go at the World Championships in Beijing China at the "Bird Nest" where the 2008 Olympics were.  Melissa will be running her signature event the 800m starting August 27th.

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jolaine Undershute Crushes the CrossFit Games

When it comes to the CrossFit Games, Jolaine Undershute has had her setbacks - food poisoning, back injuries.. However, she's always come back better and stronger than ever. In 2013, she finished the Games in 4th place in the Masters 40-44 division. Last year, she was unable to compete due to a serious back injury that had her sidelined right before the games kicked off. This year, she came back
with vengeance and ready to perform. The Masters division kicked off on Tuesday, and preceded over 3 days. Jolaine picked up 2 first places event finishes in the Thruster and Sandwich workouts, as well as a second place finish in the Double Hanger. Though she dominated at these events, it wasn't enough to get her in the top 3, as she finished the week in 7th place. However, we are so thrilled for Jolaine, coming back off a serious injury and finishing 12th in regionals, and a strong 7th in the Games. 

We were able to catch up with Jo after the games concluded on Sunday and we asked for her reflection on the games. Here is what she had to say...

"Unfortunately it was bitter sweet. It wasn’t the overall placement I had anticipated. Event one had bar muscle ups, one of my strengths. But for some reason I was unable to perform them efficiently, and ended up placing 18th on that event. I did not give up and came back with a first place finish on event two. Although I was discouraged after day 1, sitting in 10th place overall, I gave it my all on day 2 and 3. I came back in event 5 with a second place finish and event six with a first place finish, but it wasn’t enough to move me up the leader board with the new scoring system."

After chatting with Jolaine, she left us with two quotes that she used to motivate herself throughout the games. 

“It’s hard to fail, but it is worse to never have tried to succeed.”

“It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.”

The next time you are struggling to get through a WOD, or just need some motivation, riddle off these quotes to yourself - we bet they will help you push through! Once again, congratulations Jolaine! 

Team Infinit also had another athlete competing in the games - Emily Abbott. This was Emily's second appearance at the CF Games, and she didn't disappoint! Check out our review on her performance here

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Emily Abbott 8th Fittest Woman in the World!

If you're anything like us, you have been following along with the CrossFit Games this past week. All we can say is WOW, how exciting they have been. We were especially thrilled to see two of our Team Infinit athletes see great success in the games - Emily Abbott and Jolaine Undershute.

"Emily sporting her Murph Armour"
The 2015 CrossFit Games was Emily's second go at the title, her first being in 2014 where she finished 35th amongst a field of 42. This year, Emily came in with experience and it showed - she finished the 2015 Games in 8th place.. That means she is the 8th fittest women in the World! We are so proud of Emily, and we are excited to be fuelling her throughout her CrossFit journey.

At the games, the athletes saw a collection of great events to really test their skills and overall fitness. Emily made these events look easy - finishing top 5 in 3 different events, and snagging a dominant second place finish in Event 2 - Sandbag 2015. Emily is a fighter - I know this first hand after playing one season with her on the Windsor Lancers Women's Basketball team. She never gives up and her engine is incredible, which has been evident in her CrossFit journey - remaining consistent throughout the games, and finding herself in the final heat more times than once.

Once again, a huge congratulations goes out to Emily Abbott on her very successful 2015 CrossFit Games. We see all the potential in her and are so excited to fuel her throughout the rest of her journey.

Stay tuned to our blog for a post about Jolaine and her success at the 2015 CrossFit Games in the Masters 40-44 division!

Tessa Kreiger | Marketing Coordinator

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Infinit Tips - Noelle Montcalm

"I've always struggled with consuming fluids during my training sessions as I have a very sensitive stomach and fear upsetting it while I'm training. I've never been able to find a product as good as my Infinit Nutrition custom blend.  

Darcy and team took my needs and requests into consideration and have developed a product that works great for me! I usually start to consume my custom blend on my commute to the track and continue to sip it during my two to three hour training sessions. It's great that I can consume some extra calories while I'm training since I find it difficult to eat anything close to and during practice. The taste is just right for me and causes no stomach issues! 

I love Infinit Nutrition's Raw protein - the flavourless protein is perfect to add to my fruit smoothies that I consume immediately post long/tough sessions or while in the weight room. (I also love to add it to baking and waffles!) 

I use the Repair product more so in the fall during base season when my training sessions are a little longer and heavier. I've also been newly introduced to Mud! I mix a scoop with a few gulps of water for a quick jolt before mid day training sessions and as a coffee and chocolate lover, I can't complain - it tastes great!

Infinit Nutrition custom blends are the way to go!"

Thanks for your input Noelle! We love fuelling you and we are thrilled that your love our blends.

Are you ready to create your own custom blend or pick up some of our sport specific products? Head on over to our website to get started! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jolaine Undershute Preps for CrossFit Games with Infinit

Team Infinit Athlete is ready. The 2015 CrossFit Games kick off today with the Masters and Teen division. Jolaine will be competing in the Masters 40-44 division, and we here at Infinit are so excited to cheer her on! We recently has the opportunity to catch up with Jolaine and chat about the road leading up to the games and how she has been preparing.

Infinit: Assuming after the year you had last year, that qualifying 3rd in Canada West Open and 3rd Overall in 40-44 category had you over the moon.  
Jolaine: I’ve performed well in the last three opens 2012, 2013, 2014, so I had some high expectations for myself.
I was very happy with my performance as each year more and more ladies enter, and there were more than double this year in the masters 40-44 years category. Unfortunately I had to move the same weekend as the masters qualifier but I was pleasantly surprised that I placed third. Since I’m fiercely competitive, I would have like to redo the muscle up wod to have placed higher lol :) 

Infinit: Tell us what it meant to you to have placed so high after the open.  
Jolaine: After the back injury last July, I knew that I would compete again and I was determined  to recover and get back at it again.  Injuries heel, and I’m a pretty determined individual who is even more motivated when people tell me I cannot do something. 

Infinit: Going into the Regionals already knowing you were going to the games as Master must of felt good.  Scoring 12th in the new West Regional was a huge accomplishment.  What were you most satisfied with, relating to your Regional performance and what were the the key learnings that you took away?
Jolaine: I don’t know if any masters competitors really want to be referred to as masters lol! I want to qualify as an individual, but my primary focus this year was to make it on to the regional floor healthy, as I’ve been since the two previous years and was unable to compete :( Yes 12th place was a huge accomplishment especially in the new super region. I know I can place higher as I had two goats that need work.  I was most satisfied with my performance in the sixth event. It was such a surreal moment and felt effortless as it played on three of my strengths. I will develop my skills as i’m striving to have more moments like that one in the near future. The key learnings from regionals are to continue to work on my areas of opportunity. When I returned from regionals I had a custom rig built to work on my rope climbs and muscle ups at the standard height, as my gym ceiling is only 12 feet.  I believe this will make a huge difference in my placing in the future.

Infinit: What is your mindset going into the games?
Jolaine: The same mind set as I had for regionals. I have done everything in my power to prepare myself for this competition. I know and trust in my ability to perform, and i will enjoy every single moment,  as it will all be over too soon. I am aware of my weaknesses and I will play upon my strengths. I will NOT give up physically or mentally, regardless of any placings on any events. 

Infinit: What has been your biggest accomplishments in the build for the games since the Open and Regionals?
Jolaine: My biggest accomplishment in the build up to the games was rehabbing my back injury and working on my anxiety prior to competition. 

Infinit: What workout or style of workout would you be most happy to see announced?  Conversely, which one would have you a bit nervous.
Jolaine: Anything heavy lol! Max rep lift of some kind. I do like shorter events in that 2-3 minute window as I feel they are in my wheel house. That being said, I also do well at  longer events 16-20min. If an excessive amount of rope climbs or wall ball show up i’ll be cringing lol. 

Infinit: Do you set specific goals for the games and if so, can you share what they are?
Jolaine: To focus on each event one at a time, do my best. Athletes are always constantly learning and I’ve been working on pacing myself better as I do hard out of the gates.  Develop a strategy and be prepared to make changes if necessary. 

Good luck Jolaine! And to anyone who hasn't entered our CrossFit Contest - the Individual events start Wednesday, and all contest entries must be in Friday before the first events kicks off! Follow the link for more details - you could win FREE fuel for a YEAR! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Best Kept Secret? Maybe.

We love to hear feedback from customers and wanted to share a recent review we received from Michel Charlebois:

"Hello, I have discovered your product from a FB group discussion. Nutrition can be a distraction comes race day or long training days. Your product simplifies everything. Simply drink a bottle an hour! How much easier can it get? I tried your product on a long run and a long brick session. Felt great the entire way. Felt strong on both sessions till the end. My only recommendation would to be more visible. Your are one of the best kept secrets :)"

Follow Michel online @MichelCharlebo1.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Infinit Tips - Virginia McLachlan

Whether she's sprinting down the track or whipping up a protein smoothie before her workout, Virginia McLachlan always turns to Infinit for her nutrition needs. Check out how she likes to use her blends on a day-to-day basis.

"I love using the products before, during and after my workouts! I love putting my Infinit RAW in smoothies before my workouts - usually with fruits and almond milk. During my workout I use my Custom blend to keep me hydrated and moving through my training. During my recovery period, I use my Repair to help get ready for my next workout! All these products help make a huge difference in my performance as well as my training days."

Right now, Virginia is training for the Para-Pan Games, which will be held in Toronto from August 7th-15th. We love helping Virginia reach her goals by providing her with quality nutrition that gets the job done everyday. We would love to help make you the best that you can be - contact us today to get started! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Congrats Francis Luna-Grenier!

We are so thrilled for Team Infinit Athlete Francis Luna-Grenier on his Bronze medal at the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto. "He has put his body and soul into training for the Pan-Ams so this is a well deserved medal for him" said his agent, Dominique Ladouceur. We couldn't agree more with her statement. Francis competes in Mens 69kg Weightlifting, and finished the competition on Sunday with a combined score of 299kg. He hit a 132kg snatch and a 167kg 3rd-attempt clean and jerk to secure him the bronze medal in his weight class. 

Francis is native to Montreal, Canada and is one of our more recent additions to the Infinit Team. We are so excited to be fuelling Francis, and we know he loves his Infinit Blends as well - check out what he has to say about being apart of #TeamInfinit here

Francis being awarded his Bronze medal
Stay tuned to our blog, instagram (@InfinitCanada), twitter (@INFINITCanada) and Facebook for more updates on all the #TeamInfinit athletes competing at the 2015 PanAm Games! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Infinit Tips - Melissa Bishop

"I have a few ways I like to use Infinit : 99% of the time my usual mix up prior to a big workout where I know I need that extra boost in-between intervals, I use 2 scoops of a pre workout personalized blend (fluid energizer) that has been tailored to my liking (not too sweet, enough to pick me up, and providing me with enough hydration). Immediately POST workout, I sip on my recovery drink which is 1 scoop of recovery and 1 scoop of protein. 

During competition, I will drink my blend (fluid energizer) starting an hour before my warmup and through-out the warmup. Post race, I’m drinking my recovery drink with a mix of 1 scoop recovery and 1 scoop protein. 

Another way I use Infinit is when I’m in the weight room or doing a plyometric/general strength session, I’ll sip on a mix of Jet Fuel and a scoop of Protein. 

I’ve had to experiment to find what works for me, but I think I’ve got it down to a science now."

Give us a call or send us an email today and we can help you create your perfect blend for your specific sport and training needs! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Francis Luna Grenier is Lifting with Infinit Nutrition

One of our athletes, Francis Luna has tried many different types of sport nutrition but nothing was the perfect match for him. That is until he came across us. Check out what he has to say about being an Infinit Nutrition athlete and why he loves our blends.

"During my 15 years of Olympic weightlifting career, I’ve tried many brands of supplements and my major concern was to make sure it wouldn’t contain any prohibited substances. If I weren’t convinced I was consuming a safe product, it would have been a source of stress therefore negatively affecting my performance.

This is why I chose Infinit Nutrition: it’s a Canadian based company that has an accurate list of quality ingredients that are tested and certified according to the WADA’s standards.

Infinit’s line of supplements is just amazing because you can order RAW products such as protein, BCAA, creatine and more that aren’t mixed with any other fillers. This is a huge benefit for me since my sport constrains me to remain at a low body fat composition. Since I use Infinit products I’ve noticed a significant drop in my body fat because I can have a fast absorption protein intake pre and post workout without useless calories.

What makes Inifinit so special is that you can customize your own blend through nutritional consults. As I train an average of 8 times a week I’m pleased to have an expert from Infinit Nutrition helping me find the best blend of supplements according to my sport specific needs.

In the last 7 months, I have broken 7 national records in the 69 kg (4) and the 77 kg (3) and I look forward to breaking these personal best soon. Right now, I am in my last stretch towards the Pan Am Games. I am grateful to have Infinit Canada by my side helping me to get through the hard phases of training and recovery."

Welcome to the team Francis! Good luck at Pan Ams - we will be cheering you on!