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Friday, July 3, 2015

Francis Luna Grenier is Lifting with Infinit Nutrition

One of our athletes, Francis Luna has tried many different types of sport nutrition but nothing was the perfect match for him. That is until he came across us. Check out what he has to say about being an Infinit Nutrition athlete and why he loves our blends.

"During my 15 years of Olympic weightlifting career, I’ve tried many brands of supplements and my major concern was to make sure it wouldn’t contain any prohibited substances. If I weren’t convinced I was consuming a safe product, it would have been a source of stress therefore negatively affecting my performance.

This is why I chose Infinit Nutrition: it’s a Canadian based company that has an accurate list of quality ingredients that are tested and certified according to the WADA’s standards.

Infinit’s line of supplements is just amazing because you can order RAW products such as protein, BCAA, creatine and more that aren’t mixed with any other fillers. This is a huge benefit for me since my sport constrains me to remain at a low body fat composition. Since I use Infinit products I’ve noticed a significant drop in my body fat because I can have a fast absorption protein intake pre and post workout without useless calories.

What makes Inifinit so special is that you can customize your own blend through nutritional consults. As I train an average of 8 times a week I’m pleased to have an expert from Infinit Nutrition helping me find the best blend of supplements according to my sport specific needs.

In the last 7 months, I have broken 7 national records in the 69 kg (4) and the 77 kg (3) and I look forward to breaking these personal best soon. Right now, I am in my last stretch towards the Pan Am Games. I am grateful to have Infinit Canada by my side helping me to get through the hard phases of training and recovery."

Welcome to the team Francis! Good luck at Pan Ams - we will be cheering you on!