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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Infinit Tips - Noelle Montcalm

"I've always struggled with consuming fluids during my training sessions as I have a very sensitive stomach and fear upsetting it while I'm training. I've never been able to find a product as good as my Infinit Nutrition custom blend.  

Darcy and team took my needs and requests into consideration and have developed a product that works great for me! I usually start to consume my custom blend on my commute to the track and continue to sip it during my two to three hour training sessions. It's great that I can consume some extra calories while I'm training since I find it difficult to eat anything close to and during practice. The taste is just right for me and causes no stomach issues! 

I love Infinit Nutrition's Raw protein - the flavourless protein is perfect to add to my fruit smoothies that I consume immediately post long/tough sessions or while in the weight room. (I also love to add it to baking and waffles!) 

I use the Repair product more so in the fall during base season when my training sessions are a little longer and heavier. I've also been newly introduced to Mud! I mix a scoop with a few gulps of water for a quick jolt before mid day training sessions and as a coffee and chocolate lover, I can't complain - it tastes great!

Infinit Nutrition custom blends are the way to go!"

Thanks for your input Noelle! We love fuelling you and we are thrilled that your love our blends.

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