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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jolaine Undershute Preps for CrossFit Games with Infinit

Team Infinit Athlete is ready. The 2015 CrossFit Games kick off today with the Masters and Teen division. Jolaine will be competing in the Masters 40-44 division, and we here at Infinit are so excited to cheer her on! We recently has the opportunity to catch up with Jolaine and chat about the road leading up to the games and how she has been preparing.

Infinit: Assuming after the year you had last year, that qualifying 3rd in Canada West Open and 3rd Overall in 40-44 category had you over the moon.  
Jolaine: I’ve performed well in the last three opens 2012, 2013, 2014, so I had some high expectations for myself.
I was very happy with my performance as each year more and more ladies enter, and there were more than double this year in the masters 40-44 years category. Unfortunately I had to move the same weekend as the masters qualifier but I was pleasantly surprised that I placed third. Since I’m fiercely competitive, I would have like to redo the muscle up wod to have placed higher lol :) 

Infinit: Tell us what it meant to you to have placed so high after the open.  
Jolaine: After the back injury last July, I knew that I would compete again and I was determined  to recover and get back at it again.  Injuries heel, and I’m a pretty determined individual who is even more motivated when people tell me I cannot do something. 

Infinit: Going into the Regionals already knowing you were going to the games as Master must of felt good.  Scoring 12th in the new West Regional was a huge accomplishment.  What were you most satisfied with, relating to your Regional performance and what were the the key learnings that you took away?
Jolaine: I don’t know if any masters competitors really want to be referred to as masters lol! I want to qualify as an individual, but my primary focus this year was to make it on to the regional floor healthy, as I’ve been since the two previous years and was unable to compete :( Yes 12th place was a huge accomplishment especially in the new super region. I know I can place higher as I had two goats that need work.  I was most satisfied with my performance in the sixth event. It was such a surreal moment and felt effortless as it played on three of my strengths. I will develop my skills as i’m striving to have more moments like that one in the near future. The key learnings from regionals are to continue to work on my areas of opportunity. When I returned from regionals I had a custom rig built to work on my rope climbs and muscle ups at the standard height, as my gym ceiling is only 12 feet.  I believe this will make a huge difference in my placing in the future.

Infinit: What is your mindset going into the games?
Jolaine: The same mind set as I had for regionals. I have done everything in my power to prepare myself for this competition. I know and trust in my ability to perform, and i will enjoy every single moment,  as it will all be over too soon. I am aware of my weaknesses and I will play upon my strengths. I will NOT give up physically or mentally, regardless of any placings on any events. 

Infinit: What has been your biggest accomplishments in the build for the games since the Open and Regionals?
Jolaine: My biggest accomplishment in the build up to the games was rehabbing my back injury and working on my anxiety prior to competition. 

Infinit: What workout or style of workout would you be most happy to see announced?  Conversely, which one would have you a bit nervous.
Jolaine: Anything heavy lol! Max rep lift of some kind. I do like shorter events in that 2-3 minute window as I feel they are in my wheel house. That being said, I also do well at  longer events 16-20min. If an excessive amount of rope climbs or wall ball show up i’ll be cringing lol. 

Infinit: Do you set specific goals for the games and if so, can you share what they are?
Jolaine: To focus on each event one at a time, do my best. Athletes are always constantly learning and I’ve been working on pacing myself better as I do hard out of the gates.  Develop a strategy and be prepared to make changes if necessary. 

Good luck Jolaine! And to anyone who hasn't entered our CrossFit Contest - the Individual events start Wednesday, and all contest entries must be in Friday before the first events kicks off! Follow the link for more details - you could win FREE fuel for a YEAR!