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Monday, August 31, 2015

Continued Success for Melissa Bishop!!

What a weekend for Melissa! She travelled out to Beijing, China to compete in the World Championships after a successful run at the Pan Am Games. For a recap of her gold medal performance at the games, click here

Melissa came to us prior to leaving for China and was asking for a new blend that would keep her extra hydrated while travelling. We happily obliged, and it seems her new blend paired with her high-intensity training program was very beneficial to her. 

If you weren't aware, Melissa's season looked extremely promising, until she suffered an ankle injury just a few weeks before her final Pan Am Qualifier in Oregon. That didn't stop her though, as she went on to qualify for the games as the second fastest Canadian, with a time of 2:00:67. At the Pan Am's she ran an incredible set of races and finished the meet with a gold medal. 

Click here to see Melissa Bishop Win Silver!
Next up on the schedule for Melissa was Worlds, beginning August 26th with the 800m heats. Bishop won her heat with a time of 2:00:53 to qualify for the semi-finals race. Though she won her heat her time placed her in 9th for the semi-finals, which put her in the 3rd semi-final heat, in the 9th lane. Not ideal, but it didn't affect Melissa one bit - up against a strong field of women she went on to win the semi-finals with a time of 1:57:52 to qualify her for the Finals on Saturday. That time proved to be more than just a qualifying time - it was a new Personal Best, Season Best, and a National Record for the Women's 800m race.. The previous National Record stood for 14 years.. WOW! Things were shaping up well for the finals. 

Saturday was the night of the 800m finals (Saturday morning for us in Canada). If you didn't catch the race, make sure you click the link above! She was sticking mid pack for most of the race, but in the last turn you see Bishop slip through an opening on the inside to bring her to the front of the pack alongside Arzamasova from Belarus, and Sum from Kenya. From there? Well, you'll just have to watch the video to find out - but what we can tell you is that Melissa is now the second fastest 800m women in the world.. Amazing! We were on the edge of our seats watching the race and we couldn't be happier for Melissa. 

What a great end to the summer season. With a strong indoor season in the works, and her impressive new PB/NR time, Bish is poised to have a great 2016 outdoor season!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Catching up with Brent Fikowski

It's been a busy summer for Brent Fikowski - he kicked off with the CrossFit Regionals back in May, and has since been training for a busy fall season, running camps, and competing in a weight lifting competition. We recently caught up with Brent to see how things have been going. 

"Training since Regionals has been going very well. I took a few weeks off in June to let the mind and body rest before the long year of training begins again. I recently competed in a weightlifting competition in my home city of Kelowna called the Ogopogo. It is a yearly competition that is run like clockwork by Guy Greavette, an Olympian from 1988. I lifted Saturday evening with the "A Group". What that meant was all the strongest males regardless of their weight class would be lifting together. It was pretty great warming up alongside National competitors that were 35lbs lighter than me but significantly stronger. I was pleased with my performance particularly in the snatch where I tied my personal best with 125kg/275lbs. To see the video of Brent's lift, click here: The clean and jerk was not as successful as I only lifted 135kg. Squatting has not been a priority in my training recently and that resulted in me getting buried at the bottom of the clean. The plan with my training is to peak by May 2016 so some short-term losses are expected and all part of the process. 

More exciting than these recent events is what I have planned for the fall of 2015. I have two competitions planned for two different countries! September will see me in Calgary competing at the #Outsidethebox2015 competition at OPT which is the best true test of fitness I have yet to take part in. I am also competing at the Schwartz Challenge in Melbourne Australia. This is the country's premier fitness test with all of the top competitors converging in Melbourne for the weekend. It promises to be a lot of fun catching up with old friends and hopefully bringing some hardware back to Canada!"

Congrats on the successful summer Brent. We look forward to following you throughout your travels this fall! To keep up to date with Brent and the rest of Team Infinit, make sure to follow us on social media! 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What it's like to race the Mont-Tremblant Ironman

We recently reached out to one of our customers, Eric following his race at the Mont-Tremblant Ironman to check in and see how it went. His race report is below.

"A full year has gone by since I decided to take the leap towards the full distance triathlon. It was in that same location in August of 2014 that, after a long day of volunteering for the Ironman, I enlisted for one of my bucket list items. Along with 12 other members of my tri-club, I signed up for what would be the challenge of a lifetime.

Up until September of 2012, I had never run (other than to catch the bus), I had never swam across a 25 meter pool (but I thought swimming was not an issue), and had only ridden a bike as a kid. Less than three years later, I am on the starting line of what most people consider a crazy race! A 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and a 42.2 km marathon separated me from my goal to complete an Ironman.

The last nine months have been filled with early morning runs, lunch workouts, evening swims, missed family reunions, snoozing during a movie and eating constantly. On this foggy Sunday morning, it is all about to be put to the test during what is expected to be the hottest Ironman Mont-Tremblant event so far. Weather forecasts are calling for a felt temperature of 37 Celsius... this is going to be a hard run!

4 AM... my iPhone reminds me that it is time to have breakfast. I can’t say that it woke me up as I have been awake for 30 minutes going over the task at hand. Time flies by and the next thing I know, I’m getting marked and head for the swim start with some other 2300 triathletes. It is a foggy morning, and it is nearly impossible to see passed the third or fourth buoy. I hug my wife and daughters one last time before heading to the water for a quick warm-up as the pro race kicks off. The canon goes off and my heart sinks... Am I really about to do this?? My daughters’ and wife’s teary eyes remind me of all the sacrifices that we had to do as a family. Triathlon is an individual sport, but training for an Ironman requires a commitment from the whole family, and I am fortunate to have the best support crew around. This is what I remind myself as I line up on the starting line.

6:51... the fireworks go off once more, this time it is for the men 45-49 and we enter the washing machine. This is going to be a long race and I’m not about to let the other 374 triathletes in my swim wave ruin my day with unwanted body contacts. As long as my goggles remain in place I’m happy. The water temperature is simply perfect and the lake is fairly calm. My calves give me hints of cramping a few times during the swim but I manage to keep it under control hoping this would not be a sign of things to come. However, the fog is dense enough to hinder my ability to swim straight. I already have a hard time sighting properly, so the mist gives me a hard time throughout the 3.8 swim, which ends up being over 4 km for me. 1h 12m after the start, I can finally stand on my feet once more. Not a great swim, but then again, swimming is not my strong suit. I had planned for 1h 15m so I’m happy with the result. Two of my club mates, acting as wetsuit peelers for the day, greet me and send me off in no time. As I run toward T1, I am going crazy trying to locate my support crew, which proves to be more complicated than I expected. My tri club is so well represented both within the athletes and in the crowd that I constantly hear my name and can’t tell where it’s coming from. Finally, I see them and take a few seconds to thank and kiss them!

As I enter the tent in T1, I can tell that my swim was average as the changing space is full with no seats available. I put on my socks, shoes, helmet and sun screen in the middle of the room and leave.

The first bike loop goes by in a flash. I mainly refer to my heart rate to evaluate my effort and notice that my speed is much higher than expected. It must be the effect of being surrounded by other cyclists as I mainly rode solo during my long rides. As long as I keep my HR in the 140-145 range, I think I’m good. I respect my nutrition plan to the letter by drinking 600 ml of my custom blend from Infinit Nutrition Canada and adding an Eload Zone Caps X5 every 45 minutes. I complete the first 90 km in about 2h 38mins which is much faster than I ever did in training. I am worried that I will not hold that pace and run well after that. I stop at the special needs to pick up my replacement nutrition bottles that I had previously frozen. The first ice cold sips are heaven sent! With the temperature rapidly rising, a fresh drink is more than welcomed. However, around the 130 km mark, my quadriceps starts cramping. I have not had this issue since I started supplementing with my salt tablets. Fortunately, I’m able to avoid major cramps by reducing my speed and the cramps slowly go away around 140 km. I keep a slower pace during the rest of the loop as I’m worried that they would be back. On the last section of the second loop, at the 165 km mark, the cramps reappear. This time I really slow down and only concentrate of completing the bike. I dismount my bike 5h 25mins after T1. This is 25 minutes faster than my best training time and 35 minutes less than I expected. I am on a cloud at that point but worried that I could’ve pushed too hard and that the heat would get to me on the marathon.

T2 goes by super-fast. When I enter the tent, my head coach, who had started the race 8 minutes before me, is right there changing up. As I walk toward him, he looks up at me in disbelief and congratulates me on my bike ride. This only reinforced my feeling that I might have overdone it... oh well! It’s too late to change anything now. It’s time to run!

I exit T2 alongside my coach and totally forget to stop to hug my support crew. My mind is wondering if I can match my coach’s run pace! For the first 5 km we run side by side and I keep telling myself I should drop back as he usually runs faster than me and has two other IM under his belt. My goal pace was between 5’30” and 5’40 per km. However, with the heat, I would be happy with 5’40”. My heart is steady at 142 BPM, so I decide to run based on my effort regardless of pace. My coach pulls away and I keep my strategy. He then stops at a potty and I pass him. I wonder if not having peed yet is a sign that things are going wrong. A few minutes later, he catches up to me and passes me again. I fight the urge to match his pace as I feel very good. We are only 7 km into a
I do not need the added pressure at one sixth of the run. However, at the 10 km mark, I catch up to my coach who mentions he is fading. My legs still feel fresh, but I start wondering if this will hold much longer. This is the last I’ll see of him before he crosses the finish line 47 minutes behind me. I have to say finishing first of my club was not even remotely a goal for me, but it sure gives a boost of confidence.

My pace remains similar for the next 23 km and I constantly hear footsteps right behind me for most of this section. I don’t know who that person is until he decides to start a conversation. He tells me he has been pacing on me for the last 15 km and feels we’re going to complete the marathon within 4 hours. This was my optimistic scenario, but at this point my right calf is starting to act up so I respond that I will likely need to walk the aids stations and that the 4 hour mark is unlikely for me. Sure enough, about 1 km later my right calf seizes up and I need to stop at the potty. I will use this stop to rest my calf and walk the next station and hope for the best. The outcome is reassuring as my run pace seems acceptable.

I will walk to next aid stations and try to keep a good pace between. As I arrive at the last kilometer of this long day, I can hear the music and crowd cheering at the finish line. This is when I think that I need to slow down and absorb the moment. However, all I can do is smile uncontrollably and hold back the tears. All the efforts and sacrifices will be over soon. I can’t wait to see my wife and daughters at the finish line. I find them about 100 m from the arch and cannot stop or even slow down! I give them high fives and hear my name being called out! “Eric Boulanger from Ste-Julie... You are an Ironman!”

The clock stops at 10h49m21s for me while my optimistic scenario was set at 11h5mins! 23rd over 375 in my age group and 196 overall...I am ecstatic!! A friend of mine who has done KONA on two occasions said the conditions today were very similar, so I’m even more satisfied with my race."

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Infinit Nutrition Canada Signs Lionel Sanders

Ironman Champion Joins Growing Roster of Elite Canadian Athletes

Infinit Canada today signed a long-term partnership contract with Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders to optimize his custom nutrition products and provide the fuel required to race with the best Ironman athletes in the world. Infinit Canada is the official licensee of Infinit Nutrition for Canada and provides an array of ultra-premium nutrition products to Canada's most elite athletes and Olympians. 

"I now realize that no matter how fit I am, my hydration and optimized nutrition are key to my success in triathlon and running," said Lionel Sanders. "Working directly with Darcy Haggith and his Infinit Canada team, I am getting the nutrition knowledge and tools I need to race hard from the start to finish at the biggest Ironman events around the world," said Sanders.  After having a hydration analysis done by Dr. Lawrence Spriet and Mark Linseman at the University of Guelph, Sanders realized how dehydrated he regularly gets; Infinit Canada President & CEO Darcy Haggith worked directly with Sanders and coach, Barrie Shepley, to update Sanders' overall fuel strategy and customize nutrition products for fast racing under trying environmental conditions, given Sanders unique biochemistry.

Infinit Canada is best known for their industry-leading "custom blended" nutrition products and fuelling world-class Canadian athletes like Pan-Am Gold Medalist Melissa Bishop, Olympic Multi-Medalist Swimmer Ryan Cochrane, and Calgary Flames Defenseman Dougie Hamilton. All Infinit Nutrition Canada products are produced in Canada at Infinit Canada's production facility in Windsor.

"I have been incredibly impressed with how detailed and knowledgeable Darcy and his team are, as well as the very real and permanent impact their guidance has had on Lionel already," said Barrie Shepley. Year to date, Sanders has won four 70.3 Ironman races as he prepares for the October Hawaii Ironman World Championships at Kona. Sanders will go to Hawaii as the youngest man ranked in the top 10 in the world. "Sport performance is really personal and unique and Infinit's system of customization is recognized as the best in the industry," added Shepley. "Further, we're certainly proud to work with a company based right here in Canada."

Infinit has an incredible network of coaches, retailers, and athletes who endorse and use their products across
Canada. Lionel Sanders will join a team that has dozens of world-class athletes using custom Infinit product in training, for proper recovery, and as trusted asset on race day.

"I am very excited to join Melissa, Ryan, Dougie and the rest of the Infinit Canada team and I am eager to continuing working with Darcy to fine-tune my own nutrition plan for Kona in October, " said Sanders.

You can find out more about Infinit Canada here

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brent Fikowski - Infinit Tips

Do you want to fuel like CrossFit athlete Brent Fikowski!? Keep reading...

"My usage of Infinit is relatively conventional I think but it works well for me. I like to sip on my 'X-Cite' throughout my early morning training sessions mixed with creatine. I try to mix the two scoops with room temperature water so I don't shock the body with really cold fluids.

After training I mix my two scoops of 'Rescue' with room temperature water and I always bring a banana to eat along with the recovery drink. I always make an effort to have a good cool-down routine to avoid soreness the next day after training. So I usually row steady for 1 minute, then reward myself with a big drink of Infinit and a bite of my banana. I repeat that for about 5 rounds or until my drink and banana are finished!"

Are you ready to give Infinit a try? Give us a call today

Check out the rest of our Infinit Tips series here: Noelle Montcalm, Melissa Bishop, Virginia McLachlan, Ryan Cochrane, Chaim Schalk, Ironman Racing

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Sandy Summer Recap

You may recognize the name Gabe Burlacu from an earlier post of ours introducing him and partner Greg Simone to Team Infinit. Since then, some things have change and we are happy to be supporting Gabe and Greg on their new ventures and new beach partnerships. Today we asked Gabe to write something for our blog - a recap so to say of Sergey and his recent, and very successful beach volleyball tournaments.

"Sergey and I got our partnership off to a flying start. We travelled the West Coast of Canada and the US for 3 weeks; Vancouver, California, and Kelowna. We played a tournament at location and had great showings at each tournament finishing 4th, 1st, and 3rd respectively.

On July 7th, we left Toronto to head for Vancouver, knowing that we would be gone for three weeks, we had a lot to pack, and not a lot of room. As volleyball players we need to pack our own volleyballs and those take up a lot of space, especially when you have to bring more than one. First things first though, Sergey and I had our Infinit supplements ready to be packed before anything. One bag each, Sergey took our custom blend and I took the repair.

Arriving there a few days before the 2015 Vancouver Clearly Pro Open, we had some time to ourselves to get familiar with the venue and the beach itself which really paid off during the tournament because the wind was side-wind instead of front to back (what we are used to in Ontario). We set a goal to really take care of our bodies, and the little things throughout the trip; being fully hydrated, rested, and always having snacks around us to keep us going.

We practiced a few times before the qualifier started on Friday, where we spent nearly all day at the beach supporting our friends that were playing in it. We were drinking our blend to make sure that our bodies are prepared for the amount of games we would have to play the next day. We had a good laugh because everyone kept staring at us and asking us what we are drinking and putting into our water, so a fair share of the Vancouver friends we made there tried the blend and were intrigued by the effects, and nutritional facts it had.

Our day started on Saturday, July 10th. We were seeded 10th (we weren’t too happy with that) but nonetheless, we came to play volleyball not pout about seeding. The tournament was a double elimination format, meaning you have to lose two matches and then you are eliminated. Our Round One match up wasn’t as easy as we hoped, and a Vancouver team gave us a little scare but we were able to get passed them with the scores of 22-20, 21-17. Our Second Round match was definitely a harder one as it was against National Team Member and National Team Full-Carded Athlete Mike Plantinga and partner (not his regular). Sergey and I had a good game plan going into this game and felt comfortable with the courts and the venue by this point, and we also got the first round jitters out of the way. We defeated Plantinga/Irey (seed 9) by the scores of 21-16, 26-24.

So on to Round 3 of the winners bracket. Here we were drawn against a very strong team from B.C. Alex Russell/Jared Krause who were seeded #3, and also last years Finalists. Sergey and I have never played them, nor did we get a chance to watch them play because we were playing at the same time. As the game progressed, we stopped thinking about the outcome of the game, and just slowly got into the “zone” and just played…played beach volleyball at a very high level, eventually knocking them into the losers bracket by defeating them in straight sets, 21-16, and 21-19.

Sergey played on a whole other level, it was like he was in 6th gear when he was chasing down shots…all match long. It was great, I felt like if a ball got my past my block, Sergey was there no matter what, and we would be able to make a play on the ball. The crowd was definitely impressed by our play, and by our friendliness. Even though we beat the hometown favorites, they congratulated us.

Now, Round 4 of the Winner’s bracket…win this game, and we are directly into the semi finals. Lose this game, and we have to play one final game in the Loser’s bracket tomorrow to get into the semi finals. We are matched up against #2 seed, Christian Redmann/Felipe Humana-Parades. A strong team that represents Canada on the International level. We started off point for point, but then they managed to build a lead and hold us off at the end, taking the first set 16-21. The second set was the same story, point for point at the start, until they broke away with a few points in a row. Unfortunately throughout that run, Christian and I were fighting for a ball at the net, and I landed and sprained my ankle and was unable to continue the match, so we had to forfeit.

Now Sunday, our quarter final of the Loser’s bracket…again we matched up against Plantinga/Irey who made their way through the entire loser’s bracket to reach the last match before Medal Rounds. Unaware of my sprained ankle, they served Sergey the entire match as they did the first time we played them. We won this game more comfortably than the first time. Straight set victory, putting us into the Medal Rounds!

In the semi, we were drawn against O’Gorman/Pedlow, the #1 seed. They represent Canada at almost every FIVB Event. We came out short, and low on energy as I was being served and struggling with my side out. They took the first set…11-21. The second set was a completely different story, as Sergey and I came to life. My sideout was very good, and Sergey’s defense was a joy to behold. After leading the entire set, a few costly mistakes, and a missed serve cost us the second set…19-21.

The Bronze Medal match was a great match, in an amazing atmosphere on center court. We played Russell/Krause, who also made it back to the medal rounds through the loser’s bracket. However this time around, they took the game 21-18, 21-18 in straight sets. Some bad luck, and obviously an injury, but Sergey and I can’t complain. We had a blast.

On July 13th, we flew out to California, ready to compete in the USA High Performance Championships. We were excited to play some international teams, and see what kind of volleyball other countries are producing. We were entered into the tournament last minute due to some registration difficulties, and as a result were put into the hardest pool. We were up against a Hawaiian team, and two American teams that have represented the States on the international level at age group World Championships, and NORCECA events.

We found it difficult to adjust to the beaches in Hermosa as the sand is very fine and deep. Luckily we had a day off, and then one day to practice until the tournament started on Wednesday. We took care of business in pool play by going 3-0, and not dropping a single set to any of the teams. This gave us a Bye to the quarterfinals. Just our luck, another American team that represented them in several World Championship events. But again, Sergey and I took care of business and eliminated what was considered to be the strongest team in the tournament, again winning 2-0 with one of the sets going the distance 27-25.

The semifinals were against a neighboring team from Michigan! I didn’t even know they played volleyball in Michigan…but these guys weren’t bad. They had an unusual style of play which gave us some trouble…but we figured it out without any problems, and took the match 2-0.

So Sergey and I are headed to our first finals, against yet another team that has played at age group World Championships. This was definitely our biggest challenge and we stepped up to it, and took care of business in three sets, dropping our only set of the tournament. We walked away with the gold medal! Not bad for our second tournament, and a sprained ankle.

After the tournament, we had a full week in Hermosa Beach to relax and train until we headed off to Centre of Gravity in Kelowna. The week was spent practicing hard, taking care of our bodies and rehabbing my ankle.

July 27th we were off to Kelowna. Ready to compete in shallow sand after ten days in the fine, deep sand of Hermosa.After a strong start to the tournament we found ourselves playing once again in the Quarter Finals against familiar faces, Russell/Krause…Sergey and I really came prepared for this game as we were seeking revenge, and we came out firing the entire match winning 2-0, 21-14, 21-17. The semi finals saw us take on Plantinga/Whelan, National Team members that have won several medals together on the NORCECA Tour. Unfortunately after a very well played game of beach volleyball, we just came short losing 2-0, with both sets being very close."

Congrats Gabe and Sergey! We see great potential in you guys and are excited to follow you through the rest of the season! Stay tuned to our blog and social media for updates on the pair. 

Infinit Twitter: @INFINITCanada 
Facebook: Infinit Nutrition Canada
Instagram: @infinitcanada

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ben Saxton & Chaim Schalk - Infinit Tips

Ben and Chaim have had a busy summer already - travelling the world competing in some of the top Beach Volleyball tournaments. Regardless of where they are playing, the duo trusts Infinit for all their fuelling needs - here are some of Chaim's tips and tricks to fuelling well and efficiently with his Infinit Blends.

"Pre Game: Before a match I always go with 2 scoops of the fluid energizer (Custom Blend) along with a bunch of water.  In extreme weather I will double the dosage and go with 4 scoops.  I usually start getting the energizer in my system 30 minutes before my match.  This will cover a 1 hour match.  This helps me stay hydrated and energized to cover a whole match.  

Post Game:  There are two different scenarios here.  If I am only playing 1 match that day I always go with 2 scoops of Repair, I find that with
Repair I am recovering gradually throughout the day and feeling good by the next day.  When I have another match later in the day I go with 2 scoops of Rescue right after my match.  Rescue seems to sit nice and light and helps me to recover really quick for the next game. 

Raw is something that I mix in when I am in desperate need of some high quality protein and can’t get that from the food I am eating.  This mostly happens on the road in certain locations where the quality of the food is much lower than what I am used to."

Chaim - based off of your performances this summer, your fuelling techniques seem to be working great! Congrats on a successful season so far! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kate O'Brien - From Bobsled to Cycling

Kate O'Brien has braved the weather - and by that I mean she was a former bobsled athlete; sliding down a track a wickedly fast speeds, occasionally ricocheting off ice walls in a race to the finish. So what made her switch her focus to cycling - another high-intensity, high-speed sport that is taken indoors to a velodrome.

"For the past six years I have been competing as a brakeman on the Canadian Bobsleigh Program. Unfortunately, I was sidelined leading into the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games due to injury. Following this disappointment, I found myself unsure of where to go. I dabbled with learning to drive bobsleighs, deciding that this would be my new path. Around that same time, a track cycling talent ID camp came through Calgary. After some egging on by friends, I decided I'd try my hand (or legs) and attend the camp. Shockingly, I guess my numbers were good and I found myself being invited into the new world of track cycling. I was so honoured. . . and terrified at the same time!

Last season (2014/ 2015), the bobsleigh and cycling federations came to an agreement that I could split time on both World Cup circuits. It was an outstanding experience. I was able to represent Canada in two separate sports in the same competitive season. I flew back and forth from cycling to bobsleigh, bikes in tow; the season finale was getting to compete in Track World Championships in France and then fly to Germany for Bobsleigh World Championships the next day.

I am massively grateful for the opportunity to have such an excellent experience, wearing the maple leaf in a summer and winter sport simultaneously. This said, in March of 2015, following Bobsleigh Worlds, I made the decision to hang up my bob spikes for now and focus on being as fast on the track as I can be. I felt that this was important, especially leading into the all important Olympic season. While this is a big change, I have felt so much support from both the bobsleigh and cycling communities in making this decision. Cycling has welcomed me with open arms and everyone I have met through bobsleigh have sent me nothing but messages of kindness and well wishes. I never thought I would represent my country in one sport, let alone two. It is a tremendous honour and privilege. I am extremely excited to see what's to come!"

Even with coming to terms with a new sport Kate has seen great success on the track. Recently she competed at the Pan Am Games in Toronto, ON and came away with a Gold and a Silver medal. 

"Not sure if you heard the news, but Cycling Canada did quite well as whole. The track side in particular swept the medals- every member of the program received a medal of some colour, so it was great. On the sprint side, our men won the team sprint. One of our boys, in addition to the team sprint, also won the match sprint and received a bronze in the keirin. On the women's side, Monique and I won the team sprint and set a Pan American record- woo hoo! Monique competed in the keirin as we only have one spot for that event- she also won gold in that. The final days of competition for us was the match sprints. Monique and I qualified first and second, only 35 hundredths apart. As fate would have it, Monique and I made it to the gold medal final together. It was a strange position in which to be; we are extremely good friends and we had just celebrated a win and record together two days before. Now we had to compete against each other. I really tried to have fun with it though- it was a win win really- Canada was guaranteed the top two steps of the podium. Unfortunately, I found myself in the silver medal position, but I was so happy for Monique. Of course I wanted to win, but it was more than I would have thought- hopefully more to come as I learn more and more!"

Next up on the schedule for Kate and the Canadian Cycling team is a few weeks of training before they head off to Chile for the Pan American Championships. 

We are sending you good luck wishes and congratulations on such a successful start to your track cycling career! We are so thrilled to be fuelling you and are excited to follow your progress throughout the remainder of your cycling days!