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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ben Saxton & Chaim Schalk - Infinit Tips

Ben and Chaim have had a busy summer already - travelling the world competing in some of the top Beach Volleyball tournaments. Regardless of where they are playing, the duo trusts Infinit for all their fuelling needs - here are some of Chaim's tips and tricks to fuelling well and efficiently with his Infinit Blends.

"Pre Game: Before a match I always go with 2 scoops of the fluid energizer (Custom Blend) along with a bunch of water.  In extreme weather I will double the dosage and go with 4 scoops.  I usually start getting the energizer in my system 30 minutes before my match.  This will cover a 1 hour match.  This helps me stay hydrated and energized to cover a whole match.  

Post Game:  There are two different scenarios here.  If I am only playing 1 match that day I always go with 2 scoops of Repair, I find that with
Repair I am recovering gradually throughout the day and feeling good by the next day.  When I have another match later in the day I go with 2 scoops of Rescue right after my match.  Rescue seems to sit nice and light and helps me to recover really quick for the next game. 

Raw is something that I mix in when I am in desperate need of some high quality protein and can’t get that from the food I am eating.  This mostly happens on the road in certain locations where the quality of the food is much lower than what I am used to."

Chaim - based off of your performances this summer, your fuelling techniques seem to be working great! Congrats on a successful season so far!