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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brent Fikowski - Infinit Tips

Do you want to fuel like CrossFit athlete Brent Fikowski!? Keep reading...

"My usage of Infinit is relatively conventional I think but it works well for me. I like to sip on my 'X-Cite' throughout my early morning training sessions mixed with creatine. I try to mix the two scoops with room temperature water so I don't shock the body with really cold fluids.

After training I mix my two scoops of 'Rescue' with room temperature water and I always bring a banana to eat along with the recovery drink. I always make an effort to have a good cool-down routine to avoid soreness the next day after training. So I usually row steady for 1 minute, then reward myself with a big drink of Infinit and a bite of my banana. I repeat that for about 5 rounds or until my drink and banana are finished!"

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