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Friday, August 28, 2015

Catching up with Brent Fikowski

It's been a busy summer for Brent Fikowski - he kicked off with the CrossFit Regionals back in May, and has since been training for a busy fall season, running camps, and competing in a weight lifting competition. We recently caught up with Brent to see how things have been going. 

"Training since Regionals has been going very well. I took a few weeks off in June to let the mind and body rest before the long year of training begins again. I recently competed in a weightlifting competition in my home city of Kelowna called the Ogopogo. It is a yearly competition that is run like clockwork by Guy Greavette, an Olympian from 1988. I lifted Saturday evening with the "A Group". What that meant was all the strongest males regardless of their weight class would be lifting together. It was pretty great warming up alongside National competitors that were 35lbs lighter than me but significantly stronger. I was pleased with my performance particularly in the snatch where I tied my personal best with 125kg/275lbs. To see the video of Brent's lift, click here: The clean and jerk was not as successful as I only lifted 135kg. Squatting has not been a priority in my training recently and that resulted in me getting buried at the bottom of the clean. The plan with my training is to peak by May 2016 so some short-term losses are expected and all part of the process. 

More exciting than these recent events is what I have planned for the fall of 2015. I have two competitions planned for two different countries! September will see me in Calgary competing at the #Outsidethebox2015 competition at OPT which is the best true test of fitness I have yet to take part in. I am also competing at the Schwartz Challenge in Melbourne Australia. This is the country's premier fitness test with all of the top competitors converging in Melbourne for the weekend. It promises to be a lot of fun catching up with old friends and hopefully bringing some hardware back to Canada!"

Congrats on the successful summer Brent. We look forward to following you throughout your travels this fall! To keep up to date with Brent and the rest of Team Infinit, make sure to follow us on social media! 

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