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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Infinit Nutrition Canada Signs Lionel Sanders

Ironman Champion Joins Growing Roster of Elite Canadian Athletes

Infinit Canada today signed a long-term partnership contract with Ironman Champion Lionel Sanders to optimize his custom nutrition products and provide the fuel required to race with the best Ironman athletes in the world. Infinit Canada is the official licensee of Infinit Nutrition for Canada and provides an array of ultra-premium nutrition products to Canada's most elite athletes and Olympians. 

"I now realize that no matter how fit I am, my hydration and optimized nutrition are key to my success in triathlon and running," said Lionel Sanders. "Working directly with Darcy Haggith and his Infinit Canada team, I am getting the nutrition knowledge and tools I need to race hard from the start to finish at the biggest Ironman events around the world," said Sanders.  After having a hydration analysis done by Dr. Lawrence Spriet and Mark Linseman at the University of Guelph, Sanders realized how dehydrated he regularly gets; Infinit Canada President & CEO Darcy Haggith worked directly with Sanders and coach, Barrie Shepley, to update Sanders' overall fuel strategy and customize nutrition products for fast racing under trying environmental conditions, given Sanders unique biochemistry.

Infinit Canada is best known for their industry-leading "custom blended" nutrition products and fuelling world-class Canadian athletes like Pan-Am Gold Medalist Melissa Bishop, Olympic Multi-Medalist Swimmer Ryan Cochrane, and Calgary Flames Defenseman Dougie Hamilton. All Infinit Nutrition Canada products are produced in Canada at Infinit Canada's production facility in Windsor.

"I have been incredibly impressed with how detailed and knowledgeable Darcy and his team are, as well as the very real and permanent impact their guidance has had on Lionel already," said Barrie Shepley. Year to date, Sanders has won four 70.3 Ironman races as he prepares for the October Hawaii Ironman World Championships at Kona. Sanders will go to Hawaii as the youngest man ranked in the top 10 in the world. "Sport performance is really personal and unique and Infinit's system of customization is recognized as the best in the industry," added Shepley. "Further, we're certainly proud to work with a company based right here in Canada."

Infinit has an incredible network of coaches, retailers, and athletes who endorse and use their products across
Canada. Lionel Sanders will join a team that has dozens of world-class athletes using custom Infinit product in training, for proper recovery, and as trusted asset on race day.

"I am very excited to join Melissa, Ryan, Dougie and the rest of the Infinit Canada team and I am eager to continuing working with Darcy to fine-tune my own nutrition plan for Kona in October, " said Sanders.

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