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Monday, September 28, 2015

SmartShake - Love It

Last week, I was in Cambridge to meet Shawn and Pat - we are looking to see if there was value in working together. Shawn is the President and Pat is the Vice President of Northern Amerex, a company that distributes sporting goods across Canada. While meeting and getting to know one another I learned of a product that they represent, SmartShake - an innovative shaker bottle that frankly fits many of our fuelling systems perfectly. There is lots to love about this product.  Currently I workout 6 times a week at CrossFit WHL here in Windsor - Bobby Tran challenges us daily and typically my workouts last 90 minutes with a warm-up, mobility work, strength & conditioning and then cool-down.  For these workouts I use two products: X-Cite and Rescue.  SmartShake is perfect for me. Before I leave for the box, I mix up my X-Cite in the top and I have a full serving of Rescue in the bottom for when I am done the workout.  I start drinking my X-Cite while driving to the gym and I finish the blend by the time I complete my workout.  I quickly rinse the top portion, add water and then the Rescue from the bottom compartment, shake it up and I am good to go.  It is so important to get your Recovery blend in within 30 minutes from the end of your workout - this results in maximizing the growth and repair of muscle, minimizing muscle soreness, and ensuring you are fully recovered for your next workout.

I have been trialling the bottle for the last week.  It hits the mark on many levels:
  • Design - easy to use.  Supports intra-workout blends and recovery.
  • Cleaning - easy to clean - dishwasher safe.
  • BPA & DEHP free.
  • Function - Leak free, rapid mixing.  Safe for microwave or freezer.
We will be offering these bottles within the next few weeks in our Infinit Hydration section: Infinit Hydration

We think the bottle is a perfect complement to what we do and we hope you agree.  

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada