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Monday, October 5, 2015

Infinit Tips - Mischa Partridge

"As a sprint cyclist, my events can be as short as ten seconds, however, I might be at the track for 3-4hrs at a time. With potentially 9 efforts on a race day, it essential that every one is absolutely maximal! 

For race day I use Jet Fuel with caffeine to make sure I have some quickly absorbed sugars to keep my glycogen levels high throughout the day. Also the caffeine ensures that I stay alert and ready to go all day.

I usually have one bottle of Jet Fuel and one of water to sip on throughout the day. If I time it right, I will finish off my Jet Fuel right before my last effort of the day.

Typically my training includes a lot of anaerobic and lactic efforts as well as heavy strength and power focus in the gym. Often with two sessions per day, it is essential for me to recover and refuel between. For this I use the Infinit Explode; I prefer the orange flavor. Three scoops of Explode, 10g of Pure creatine, and mix with water. This gives me the protein I need to repair muscle damage, as well as enough carbs to refuel for the next session. I like to start drinking my Explode right after finishing my last effort or big lift. Drinking it while I cool down ensures I get the most out of my recovery in the critical window post training."
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