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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Road to Kona - Post Race Report!!

Lionel Mid-Race
We are thrilled for Infinit Athlete Lionel Sanders after his stellar performance at the World Championships this past weekend in Kona, Hawaii. It was his first World's, yet he performed like a vet. We hosted an official viewing party at John Max here in Windsor in partnership with Cycle Culture and it was a great success. Thank you to all of our customers and Lionel fans who made it out to watch and celebrate with us. 

Now back to the big race. If you aren't familiar with Ironman racing, it is a long-distance triathlon that consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 110-mile bike, and a 26.2-mile run. The World Championships in Kona are the triathlon equivalent of the Superbowl, and we were thrilled to have one of our Infinit Fuelled athletes being a strong contender in the race. 

Team Sanders
Gentleman in the Middle is Founder of Freshii, Matthew
Lionel's official stats are below: 

Swim 1:01:10 - 1:35 min/100 meters
Bike 4:35:17 - 41:29 km/hr 
Run 2:54:41 - 4:18 min/km

He was 52nd out of 56 pro men after swim. He moved up 26 spots to 26th during the bike. Despite riding alone for the entire bike component, Lionel was able to post the 8th fastest Bike/Run splits of the entire day. During the run portion, he moved up another 12 spots to 14th by the end of the race. 

We are looking forward to sitting down with Lionel to capture his insights so we can optimize his nutrition even more for his next race. At only 27 years of age and a 14th place finish at his first ever Ironman Kona - the future is bright for this local star. 

Lionel and Mom, Becky 
We recently received a message from Barrie Shepley on behalf of Team Sanders, and we were thrilled  to hear that Lionel has a number of events planned for the upcoming months. "The journey is not over. Its just scratching the surface.  We have a big day on Oct 22nd at Skechers Canadian Head Office with a young lady who has changed her life at Ironman 70.3 Mt Tremblant and many people will be out to run with Lionel that day (thanks to Caron and Nick for their coordination of this day).  We have a monster 2 Day Clinic at McMaster University on Sat Dec 5th and 6th - Subaru Triathlon Series, Multisport Series, Triathlon Ontario, Personal Best and C3 will have a huge presence at the 2 day clinic. Lionel and his C3 Team Mates Taylor Reid, Sean Bechtel, Kristen Marchant will be there for the 2 days.  Added in will also be World Championship silver medalist Melissa Bishop (sub 2min 800m world silver medalist runner) and Cody Beals (one of Lionel's past racing mates)" - Barrie Shepley. 

Lionel's full race splits can be found here
See Lionel's recaps over on his blog: LSandersTri