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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lionel's Infinit Fuel Dialled in For Ironman Arizona!!!

Lionel at Kona Finish with IM Mom - Becky and IM Fiancee - Erin
Lionel is coming off of a 14th place finish at the World Championships in Kona.  A great rookie performance and we are looking forward to many more.  Nutritionally we had a pretty solid plan for Kona that was executed well.  Lionel was able to get all his fuel and water in which allowed him to perform - he had the 8th fastest bike/run split of the day.  When you are competing against the absolute best in the world, that is saying a lot.

As you diagnose and reflect post race there is a desire to become much more aero and have less weight during the bike.  This was a must as Lionel actually pushed one of the highest wattages on the bike but this didn't translate into a top 5 - bike split.

8-Servings Lionel's Custom Infinit
Lionel gave us this challenge for Arizona - "I need all of my fuel in one bottle so I can reduce the weight and be way more aero".  The task was made easier knowing the temperature, humidity and winds would be much more favourable in Arizona.  Based on recent sweat work, we know Lionel will only lose about 1.4 L / hr, opposed to the 2+ L he experienced at Kona.  We will be able to keep him optimally hydrated, fuelled and have the right amount of electrolytes with 2 servings of his custom blend / hour.  He will be on the bike for just over 4 hrs and can leave T1 with Infinit in an aero bottle, therefore we need 8 servings in one bottle.  So that is what we trialled - Lionel's blend is a little lower in concentration than most athletes because he has a such a high sweat rate, that happens when you push 300+ watts on a bike.  I myself have used 5 servings of my IM blend per bottle with ease.  We were hoping that we could squeeze 8 servings in for Lionel - we did and Lionel has trialled it for the last couple of weeks - we are good to go for Arizona!  Lionel's feedback: "Actually kind of like the taste...sort of like sweet tarts".

  • Less Weight - Check!
  • More Aero - Check!
  • Same great fuel - Check!

Looking forward to watching Lionel again this weekend as the journey to Kona begins again.

Best of Luck Lionel!

- Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada